Brexit Não Afastou Britânicos De Adquirirem Propriedades No Algarve

Brexit e o Investimento no Algarve

De acordo com o estudo mais recente da Confidencial Imobiliário, os dados mais recentes do SIR – Turismo Residencial mostram que o Reino Unido continuou a apostar na compra de propriedades turísticas em Portugal.

Em 2016, esta foi aliás a nacionalidade mais representativa entre os investidores estrangeiros, com um peso de 31% no número de transações concretizadas por não residentes no país.

Sendo que quase metade das propriedades vendidas no Algarve em 2016, no chamado ‘triângulo dourado’ (Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura e Vale do Lobo), teve como compradores cidadãos do Reino Unido

De acordo com a Confidencial Imobiliário, “tal resultado confirma que o Brexit não afetou negativamente a procura de habitação turística em Portugal por parte dos investidores do Reino Unido, ao contrário do que seria inicialmente expetável como consequência económica e política decorrente do referendo que votou a favor da saída desta Estado da União Europeia”.

Propriedades no Algarve

Segundo a análise divulgada, “os britânicos não só protagonizaram quase metade das transações de origem internacional (46%), como atingiram o ticket médio de investimento mais alto, investindo cerca de 2,1 milhões de euros por operação. Este valor quase duplica os 1,1 milhões de euros investidos, em média, pelos chineses, que são o segundo país mais representativo nas aquisições internacionais neste eixo (quota de 13%)”. O SIR- Turismo Residencial é um sistema estatístico que abrange a atividade de compra e venda de propriedades de turismo residencial e que é desenvolvido pela Confidencial Imobiliário em parceria com a APR- Associação Portuguesa de Resorts, com o apoio do Turismo de Portugal.

Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Property Highlight Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale – Read about a stunning villa on the hillside in Almancil, Algarve for sale. By real estate broke IRG Property.

Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale. With all the fuss over contemporary design villas with their straight lines and clean open finishes. This tastefully finished villa offers a different take on elegance and charm.  Something that oozes throughout its delightfully free-flowing floor plan. Not to mention the rolling multi leveled gardens. All the whilst bathed in sun light with a Southerly orientation.  With a glimpse of a sea view it’s just about as idyllic a setting one could ask for.

The electric gates lead you up the imposing drive way. Which in turn forks right towards the double garages or straight ahead to the entrance.  The front door is something of a feature in itself at 3ms tall.  A tiled mosaic feature on the stair case leading up to the door fills you with a sense grandeur before even setting foot inside.

The property

The double doors lead onto the grand entrance hall.  From here you have a staircase leading down to the guest wing. Along with the basement, wine cellar and garage.  Whilst upwards you have the master suite with its exuberant bathroom. Featuring a grand shower, Jacuzzi bath and finished in luxurious stone and tile.  The master suite opens onto a huge terrace which looks across the countryside and the grounds. As well as the pool area. Bathed in sunlight it’s an excellent position to start the day or indeed end it.

Remain on the ground floor and you have a modern fitted kitchen with natural light in abundance. Direct access to the living area and also the hallway. With  the deck and pool area across the hall.  Into the living area, which is HUGE.  Inset lighting throughout is supported by three patio doors that lead directly onto the pool area. Whilst offering views to the gardens and beyond.  In the far corner of this regal themed room you also have a fireplace, ideal for those chilly winter nights.

Outside this property continues to impress. A large 10m x 5m heated swimming pool being the focal point. Surrounded by deck and a raised covered patio area.  There is a BBQ area and ample lush gardens on a split level with beautiful flower beds running around the entirety property.

This property is an ideal family home with everything one would expect in a property of this caliber.

View our video here or click-through to the website for more information – ID 3268 Vale Formoso.


Portugal Property – Are price’s flexible?

Are property prices negotiable in the Algarve? And how does it work.


This is a hugely debatable topic, and one that has no set answer at the present time. The answer is Yes and No! Portugal property price’s have dropped, however they have not dropped to the same extent as say Spain’s Costa’s. Why you may ask, well it’s simple supply and demand. There are zero new developments in planning/construction in keys areas in the Algarve right now, very few prime plots available for villa’s and no new, undiscovered area’s to develop. What this means is once the properties are sold they are sold, done. Price is then determined by seller’s, and the Algarve market is not, primarily made up of buyers looking to “flip” properties. It also have very few desperate sellers any more, most can hold on to the property until the price’s realign.

Algarve Property Prices


What is difficult for buyers these days to understand is they can’t simply expect seller’s to lower the price by 40% because “the market’s bad”, it doesn’t work, and anyone saying this is the case is simply not telling the truth. It’s correct there has been large drops in price from builders original sales price as they were over priced to begin with that’s why they didn’t sell in the peak of the market. But now they are more or less good value for money, and asking for further reductions is not possible (of course a small reduction is always possible).

Algarve property price’s are at a great level just now, and although some properties will always come up for sale cheaper than the rest, the price point is relatively stable at this point and it would be pessimistic to say the least that price’s have further to fall.

A prime example of pricing to sell are Lusort in Vilamoura, they own substanital developments (Victoria Gardens, Sunset Villas & Monte Laguna) and were considered expensive even at the peak times. They have reduced their prices during the summer as a promotion and sold considerable amounts of property. This is a developer that would not even lower the price by €5,000 before 2010, now they have lowered all the developments by approx. €100,000 on average and they sold.  BUT they didn’t budge on these new prices, so the price you saw was the price you paid.


Portugal Property Bargains? 


The idea of this is to get buyers used to accepting the price they see as the discounted price, there is no need to negotiate further, and in most cases this wont make a huge difference anyway, as it has already been stripped to the minimum.  What tends to cause a bit of confusion is agents suggesting buyers can get huge discounts off everything in the hope of getting a buyer interested in the property, without knowing what the seller will take. This is, in my opinion, a waste of everyone’s time and is what causes part of the problem for buyers, as they want to believe the person telling them they can get discounts of 30% or more, and when they are rejected they loose interest.

Ultimately if your a buyer, by all means put in an offer, but a sensible offer speak with your agent and ask them how much they think is reasonable. If you offer substantially less, most buyers will reject it and not even counter offer, so if you do really want that house you’ll now be in a much weaker position as the seller is already offended.



We’re here to make the buying process as easy as possible so if you have any questions please just drop us a line.

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Portugal Property Deal of the month!!

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Bargains at auction? …. Maybe not!


It’s well known that buying a property at auction can save you a fortune, this goes for property in Portugal too. But with more and more “savvy” buyers looking for a bargain property, or a distressed sale, the competition is fierce.


Record Property Price results


According to to some in the know prices are regularly exceeding, by some margin, the guide prices due to bidding wars from those looking for cheap property.

Graham Barton who features on BBC One’s Homes under the Hammer, said “In a recession these results are amazing. They are the biggest margins over guide I can remember in30 years in the industry”

In an article from, they quote some staggering examples of this.

  • A 2 bedroom cottage in Truro in Cornwall for 109% above its guide price of £60,000 in September
  • A Grade II listed freehold terrace in Kensington, London for £2.52 million, an amazing 129% over its lower limit of £1.1million to £1.25million guide price.
  • Another flat in Kensington went for £615,000, 146% over the £250,000 lower limit. 


Perhaps one of the most poignant messages in all this is a quote from Countrywide, Britain’s largest estate agent “The sales most exceeding expectations are in locations “renowned for holding their value or in towns and cities undergoing redevelopment”.



Property in Portugal


Although Portugal property is not the same as the UK, there are many similarities, and its no secret that the UK has been the source of a incredibly high % of sales throughout the country over recent years.

Cheap property in Portugal is becoming slightly harder to find for precisely the same reason as in the UK. Strong areas, such as Albufeira, Vilamoura, Quinta, Vale do Lobo hold their prices well.

A lot of the “bargains” have been bought up by professional investors who have predicted a change in the market woulnt take too long and snapped them up, with the ideal of selling them on in a year or two’s time.

We have sold around 80 properties over the last 6 months, all priced under the valuations by up to 40%, but now it is becoming harder to find. As developers are now starting to increase their prices again as there is more interest.



The Time to Buy is …….


You guessed it, NOW. With the market making an, albeit, small resurgence, confidences are coming back interest rates are low, and thousands of people have been holding off until they see a sign its back. When this happens, there will be huge competition for bargains, and as in the UK the bargains become bidding wars forcing the price up.

So, if you are looking to buy, have a look now. Don’t expect a bargain, but look for one, don’t be sucked into hugely discounted property being advertised everywhere, some of it isnt that much of a bargain!

And of course remember the saying “It’s only a bargain if you really wanted it”


For any information on buying in Portugal, feel free to drop us a line anytime.




Portugal Property Tipped as next investment Hot spot!

Portugal the next Investment hot spot says Right Move.

 We’re not the only ones that think Portugal Property is the best place to invest, the following are snippets of a recent article from Right Move.

” Portugal Property is fast becoming a favourite among estate agents predicting the next international investment hotspot, it would seem.”

The article goes on to say that many Estate agents are touting Portugal as being ahead of its European rivals for people looking for overseas properties.

Silver Coast Property (Costa da Prata)

The following is an exert about the Silver Coast and its continued emergence as one of the best investment areas when searching for a solid investment.

“The Silver Coast in particular appears to be a good bet for a Portugal Property, with prices in the region predicted to rise by between 50 per cent and 75 per cent by several estate agents, according to the association.”

Portugal’s Silver Coast is famous for its beautiful long stretches of golden sand, deep blue waters, excellent cuisine and vineyards which are responsible for producing some of the country’s finest wines and port.”

 Algarve Property

Of course with a number of property owners looking to get out at all costs there can be some great bargains found along the Southern coast, Algarve in particular becoming more and more popular.

“The ever-growing popularity of golf resort-based Portugal Property is also worth noting, according to the company, with the Algarve cited as a particular area of interest.”

 With news like this, it’s no suprise that the market has been picking up over recent weeks, and many of the Distressed Sales available have been snapped up by shrewd buyers.

If you have a burning question regarding anything about Portugal contact us  and we’ll help to answer.