Algarve property guides – Offshore Company

An overview of the offshore company buying process found in high value properties in the Algarve. Mostly in areas such as Quinta do Lago Vale do Lobo and the surrounding areas.

Algarve property guides – Offshore company

A fairly common practice when property within the Golden Triangle changes hands is the transfer of the Offshore company.  This is common place around Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo. Where property values are generally in excess of €1,000,000.

What does it mean

Simply put the property is owned by the off shore company and rather than the property itself changing owners, the company shares are transferred instead.  This of course eliminates the IMT and stamp duty levied on property transactions. Buying costs are limited to lawyers fees only.

Benefits of an offshore company

The clearest benefit of purchasing your Algarve property under the offshore company vehicle is of course the upfront tax savings. You will save just under 7% of the purchase price, which is fairly significant on properties of higher values.

The tax you pay should you sell the property will also be different to private ownership. Presently non residents pay a flat 28% on any profit following a property sale. This would not apply to off shore owned properties. The tax will be based on your wherever you are a tax resident and will  be based on the sale of a company, rather than a property.

Offshore company ownership is also much more discreet and one of the main reasons it is employed on the higher priced properties. No property deed is exchange so ownership is not as easily accessible.

Negatives of  an offshore company

There are costs associated with offshore ownership. Namely the managing agent for the company. This will generally be around €2,000 per year to manage the annual filling of accounts and upkeep of the company.

This year, 2017, a new tax has been introduced for additional payment of IMI (property tax) on all offshore properties. This will be on top of the current IMI payments and will be another 0.4% of the fiscal value.

There will generally be an inbuilt capital gains liability with off shore properties. Although this is only applicable if the house is sold outwith the company, it is worth noting.

IRG Property Portugal


Most high value properties are owned using an offshore corporate structure. This is perfectly legal and common place with luxury properties.

Many buyer’s can be put off by the thought of not actually owning the property themselves, or of being caught in some kind of “scheme”. But it really is quite simple and straight forward, if one was to purchase using an off shore company structure, the property (or company asset in this case) would own this property in it’s entirety and be the sole asset of the company. There would be no other trading or interest other than the property.

The buying process would then simply involve the transfer of the company shares, of course including the sole asset the property, to you as the new owner. The same due diligence would be carried out, financial records would be checked to ensure all associated taxes have been paid in respect to the company and all the same property checks will be made also.

Ultimately there is no reason not to purchasing offshore and there is always the option to transfer the property to private names at a later date if preferred.

For more information on property purchasing here in the Algarve you can donwload our free Portugal Property Guide here.

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Casa Lily – Sao Bras de Alportel villa

Property Highlight featuring the lovely Casa Lily Sao Bras de Alportel. Stunning views, tastefully finished and a great price!

Casa Lily – Sao Bras de Alportel villa

Pool area
Casa Lily Sao Bras de Alportel

This beautifully finished 3 bedroom villa in Sao Bras de Alportel is a little gem.  The highlight of the property is the stunning views across the countryside. Every room in the house looks over garden and pool area. Something of a key feature for modern day buyers are views, so you’ll understand why we’ve highlighted this property.

Although you would technically describe Sao Bras de Alportel as fairly inland, this villa is situated in Soalheira. Just a short drive to both Loule center and Sao Bras. As such you are within 20 minutes of beach side resorts and the airport. All whilst having a countryside feel.

The property is set at the end of a private entry. Although not tarmac it is well established and will not wash away with heavy rains! The drive way has ample parking and entry to the property is on the same level. Making it easy for those with less mobility.

Entering the main hall way you have a small reception area and bathroom. This opens up to an elegant open plan living area. With living and dining area in the middle and a large fully fitted kitchen, which also has direct access to the pool area. There is also a bedroom on the ground floor and a fantastic conservatory. Which, due to the Southerly orientation, is the ideal spot for the winter months.

Upstairs are two good sized bedrooms, both en suite. Separated by a large hallway. These rooms have amazing views across the entire countryside. There are no nearby houses to the front the views are uninterrupted.

There is also a annex beside the pool which is used as a utility area and the plot expands further behind the pool and garden area, so there is potential to expand on the gardens if desired.

Property of this quality and price are fairly rare across the Central Algarve so viewing is highly recommended as it will surely sell soon.

For more information on this lovely property see below :

  • For a view of the outside of this villa please follow this link to our Youtube video – CLICK HERE
  • To see more photos of the interior vist our website – CLICK HERE

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Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Property Highlight Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale – Read about a stunning villa on the hillside in Almancil, Algarve for sale. By real estate broke IRG Property.

Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale. With all the fuss over contemporary design villas with their straight lines and clean open finishes. This tastefully finished villa offers a different take on elegance and charm.  Something that oozes throughout its delightfully free-flowing floor plan. Not to mention the rolling multi leveled gardens. All the whilst bathed in sun light with a Southerly orientation.  With a glimpse of a sea view it’s just about as idyllic a setting one could ask for.

The electric gates lead you up the imposing drive way. Which in turn forks right towards the double garages or straight ahead to the entrance.  The front door is something of a feature in itself at 3ms tall.  A tiled mosaic feature on the stair case leading up to the door fills you with a sense grandeur before even setting foot inside.

The property

The double doors lead onto the grand entrance hall.  From here you have a staircase leading down to the guest wing. Along with the basement, wine cellar and garage.  Whilst upwards you have the master suite with its exuberant bathroom. Featuring a grand shower, Jacuzzi bath and finished in luxurious stone and tile.  The master suite opens onto a huge terrace which looks across the countryside and the grounds. As well as the pool area. Bathed in sunlight it’s an excellent position to start the day or indeed end it.

Remain on the ground floor and you have a modern fitted kitchen with natural light in abundance. Direct access to the living area and also the hallway. With  the deck and pool area across the hall.  Into the living area, which is HUGE.  Inset lighting throughout is supported by three patio doors that lead directly onto the pool area. Whilst offering views to the gardens and beyond.  In the far corner of this regal themed room you also have a fireplace, ideal for those chilly winter nights.

Outside this property continues to impress. A large 10m x 5m heated swimming pool being the focal point. Surrounded by deck and a raised covered patio area.  There is a BBQ area and ample lush gardens on a split level with beautiful flower beds running around the entirety property.

This property is an ideal family home with everything one would expect in a property of this caliber.

View our video here or click-through to the website for more information – ID 3268 Vale Formoso.


Good property deal?

Is it only the sales price that constitutes a good property deal?IRG Property Portugal

A great question one should really think long and hard about before answering.  Of course for most buyers the simple response will be “yes, I want a big discount on the (asking)price”.  Are they wrong to think like this?

In some cases, yes, yes they are.  If the sales price is lower than average, lower than comparable properties in the same area then the price is good already, and that could be interpreted as a good deal based on the price.  The amount of negotiation on the advertised sales price is NOT a good indicator of how good a deal a buyer may be getting, let’s face it many properties are way, way over priced to offer discounts, that’s not a good deal (even though some buyers may believe it is).

Let’s look at an example ;

  • Property 1 : Sales Price €150,000 no negotiation is possible as the sellers must sell for this price.
  • Property 2 : Sales price €200,000 negotiable to €160,000, 20% “discount”

Assuming both properties are equal in every possible way, which one is the better deal?  Undoubtedly property 1 is the better deal, if there was even any hesitation in your thought process here please slap yourself.

Although a potential buyer may feel like property 2 is better value for money, due to the great discount they managed to negotiate this is a fake discount and they are in fact paying over the odds even with a 20% discount.

What’s clear with these situations is you need to trust your estate agent otherwise you’re likely to lose opportunities due to being unaware of all the facts in a transaction, like the example above.  Some agencies price the properties higher deliberately to allow for negotiation, and frankly this is sensible based on our hypothetical buyer’s mindset, but in those instances when the price is the price you must heed your agents advise and go along with what they say, if you don’t trust that advise find another agent simple.

Bottom line, yes the price is what constitutes a good property deal NOT the discount off the asking price don’t be confused.

Buying Algarve Property? – Vale do Lobo Property for sale

Vale do Lobo – The ultimate resort location


Vale do Lobo


Vale do Lobo is one of those places that has everything needed for that perfect holiday.  Pristine beaches, exquisite golf courses, private maintenance and security and a beach front entertainment center (known as the Praca) that has nightly entertainment in a beach front location. Great food great wine and something for all the family to enjoy.

Its one of the most popular destination’s we have for buyers looking to buy a property in the Algarve. Vale do lobo properties are are sure fire winner for investment and personal buyers. At present prices are at the lowest we’ve seen for years so the potential to snap up a bargain have never been better.   With beautiful villas available from €500,00+ the potential for high capital growth in this area is second too none along the Algarve.

We’ve seen a lot of properties selling in absolutely magnificent locations, whether it be front line golf or just stones throw from the beach all at half their original price.  In deed some of these properties offer the potential for redevelopment which can increase the gains by even more. As there are no more plots available for development in the prime locations near the front, the only option for builders or indeed those looking to create their own dream property is too buy an older property in Vale do Lobo and redevelop it, either by knocking it down and starting from scratch or remodeling the existing property using just the shell. This can, in some cases, increase the value exponentially.

Rental income generating from properties in this area is also incredible high and even the most dated of properties will fetch substantial income during the summer months.

Below are a few examples of what’s available in Vale do Lobo that offer incredible value packed with huge potential.

Vale do Lobo property for sale:


Seconds from the Vale do Lobo beach
Seconds from the Vale do Lobo beach

Vale do Lobo stunning remodeled villa

Vale do Lobo stunning remodeled villa
Vale do Lobo villa with extensions options
Exceptional villa with extension options

If you’re interested in buying a property in Vale do Lobo please take a look here on our website for a variety of different options : VALE DO LOBO PROPERTY FOR SALE


Vilamoura Property for Sale : Top Picks August 2013

Vilamoura Algarve – The Top 3 deals of the summer, see what everyone’s been talking about!


Vilamoura Algarve Property Sales : 3 of the best

With it’s huge marina, 5 top top golf courses, multiple luxury 5 star hotel’s and wonderful selection of restaurants summer night life and boutique stores Vilamoura property is a commodity that many have been investing in over the last few years and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We’ve put together some of the most popular locations / developments in the area  right now:


Vila Rosa Golf Vilamoura – 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

Image Gallery (Slideshow)
Villa Rosa Golf Vilamoura


These luxury apartments which have been repossessed by the bank offer a tremendous location. Just a short walk to the marina and Falesia beach with golf course and sea views from each terrace.

Finished to a luxury standard and previous sold for over €400,000 these apartments represent a great investment and also come with preferential mortgage conditions for non resident buyers.


Click here for more information


Victoria Gardens, Vilamoura – 2 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

Image Gallery (Slideshow)
Victoria Gardens Vilamoura


Built by the largest developer in Vilamoura, Lusort. Now reduced by up to a massive 50% for the remaining 10 apartments they are a fantastic deal. Complete with full builders guarantee and warranty peace of mind is assured. Overlooking the Victoria Golf course and just a short walk to the club house and the 5 star Tivoli Victoria hotel there’s enough close by to not feel isolated, although a car may be preferable to get to the marina and back otherwise there’s a great cycle track if you prefer the healthy route!

Click here for more information



Palmyra Villa Sol, Vilamoura – 2 Bedroom Apartment(s) for Sale

Image Gallery (Slideshow)
Palmyra Villa Sol


Luxury ground floor apartments for sale, with extra bedroom along with stunning top floor apartments with private roof terrace’s in the most luxurious golf resort in the area. These apartments, which are offered for sale direct from the bank are just fantastic. Immaculately maintained condominiums with gated security, perfect for family holidays with the added incentive of huge rental income as well.

Click here for more information

Algarve Property : Cash Sales


The old saying “Cash is King” has certainly never been more apt than the past few years here in the Algarve property market.

With credit facilities making it harder to borrow those looking for the big discounts have resorted to good old fashioned cash.  In fact over 50% of the homes sold in the first 6 months of this year where bought and paid for in cash.

Now sometimes figures can be misleading when it comes to such sweeping statements as this, a shock I know!  As we are well aware of the ability to negotiate much better discounts, (sometimes up to 10 or 15% more than when a mortgage is required) when offering a cash sale with quick completion date, a lot of our time is spent helping clients get in a position to offer cash. This can and more often than not is, by taking out a loan on a property at home, whether in Ireland the UK, Sweden etc.. So the funds are already in place and ready to go although they are still effectively mortgaging to get it just not in Portugal.

If financing at home isn’t an option for you, then the next best option is to find out how much you can borrow here in Portugal and at least get a provisional idea on costs from a broker here so you can be relatively assured that if you make an offer you can complete relatively quickly with little concern of being rejected for your desired loan amount.

If you need any help with financing or any property related queries please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Hunt for a Villa – Central Algarve

A day in the life of a realtor – Hunting for a villa, a quick tale of a recent outing for one of the team.

This is a typical tale of a Portuguese realtor, having received the brief before the client’s arrive in Portugal. He spends many a day searching through countless properties looking for the best & most suitable properties for sale that fit their buyers requirements.  After viewing the properties with the listing agent to make sure that the photo’s aren’t shot with a fancy camera and distorting the garden and pool area from a pokey little corner plot to a sprawling infinity pool, he’s ready.

Now this is normal practice and after awhile anyone who’s done this long enough will know there’s a good chance most people’s requirements will be very similar and the process can be simplified by using properties seen before and quickly adding them to the viewers list.

So they begin the day and all is well, a few of the properties meet with the usual complaints, “not sure of the location”, “don’t like the kitchen”, “rooms are too small”, “too close to the road”, but more often then not there is at least one that is suitable and more importantly in budget (or so it would seem), and eventually they find it. A stunning villa on the hilltop over looking the countryside and the coast line, could we of found their perfect Algarve property?

Of course these days it’s certainly not expected that everyone who finds their ideal property, will they buy it.  So when buyer’s turn to him and say “we love it BUT, we’re just not sure if we can afford it” its half expected, and honesty is always appreciated, no reason to have the seller’s expectation built up on false hope after all is there?

However these client’s are smitten on this property and they turn around, against all better judgement and advice of the realtor, and say to the owner they will be putting in an offer the next day!  This is not a great thing to do, and certainly makes the realtors job of negotiating a better price 10 times more difficult, but it’s done so he has no choice but to go with it, he’s a professional after all and has been in this position many times before.

Bargain vilamoura villa for sale
Algarve Villa for Sale

After numerous phone call’s, email’s and 2 more visits to the property the buyer’s excitedly go home to prepare their offer. Then when the next day come’s, no offer arrives, a slight delay in the financing they say, will let you know tomorrow for sure. Again tomorrow come’s and nothing, the seller is now constantly calling to find out what’s happening as they were so keen, what can he tell them?  At last,  another quick message sorry for the delay will let you know tomorrow (4 days later) what we’ll offer.  Incredibly the next day nothing, now clearly something isn’t as it seemed the previous week, and it’s not a huge surprise to an experienced realtor here, it happens quite often in fact. The following day nothing, then a text message, not a phone call, saying they are no longer interested in putting in an offer and will wait and look for something else in a few months. Uh oh! He does try to call but of course there’s no answer. What has happened, no offer, no explanation, and not even a phone call to explain?

This is generally what happen’s when buyers come out looking at thing’s they can’t afford, and stresses the importance of arranging some kind of finance before wasting your’s and everyone else’s time, and repeatedly saying you’ll be putting in offer’s on various properties is not a great idea when you haven’t the money to pay for it.

So after a week of wasted time and effort the realtor head’s off to his next client and begins the process again, will they find the property of their dreams, and more importantly can they afford it?! We’ll find out in a few days time.

Moral of the story : Don’t say you’ll put offer’s on properties to the owner EVER, & if you don’t have the money just tell your realtor this as they may even be able to help.





Algarve Property – Sao Bras de Alportel Villa Reduced

Massively Reduced!!
Newly built 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Villa offering modern living within a tradtional style full of character. South facing private pool area to captialize on the sun all day. In addition there is a Roof Terrace with panoramic Country and Sea views.


A stunning 4 bedroom villa for sale in Sao Bras de Alportel.  A great example of a traditional Algarve property, with stunning view’s across the countryside, and great sun exposure with the South facing pool.  At just €280,000 this is a real bargain property and won’t stay on the market for long.

Was: €410,000 Now ONLY €280,000

Bargain Algarve Villa for Sale
Bargain Algarve Villa for Sale