/4 Things to do in Algarve in the Winter

4 Things to do in Algarve in the Winter

4 Things to do in Algarve in the Winter

Summer days are over, and Winter is arriving at a fast pace. Even with all the rainy days, though, you can easily get warm weather, with temperatures quite above 20 ºC throughout the region. It’s time to suggest some things for you to do and visit in Algarve in the winter, even if you’re a resilient outdoor lover (happy not having to cope with ice or snow, quite rare around here) or you just want to take advantage of what the region has to offer. (We will get back to this subject over the following months, for sure!)

Sagres and S. Vicente

Incredible landscape, it’s what you get at the south-westernmost points of Europe. The huge cliffs over the endless sea, almost at the limits of the known world for ancient Europeans, is still inspiring today. That is why the Romans called this place “sacrus” (“sacred”), hence Sagres for the Portuguese.

Barril Beach and the anchor cemetery

The tuna fishing industry of Algarve rose and fell. The anchors of the fishing boats were left in the “cemetery”, standing the test of time and remembering everyone that these were fishermen communities, of people that dealt very hard with the sea to get their bread and butter. Praia do Barril is near Tavira, a classic and unspoiled town that will be really worth your visit.



The red castle of this inland town is unique in Portugal and is a reflex of the use of materials of the surrounding area by the Islamic rulers of this area in the Middle Ages (the “Moors”); the city itself was the biggest of Algarve and one of the most important of Islamic Iberia. Along with this, you should visit local wineries and enjoy the Algarvian wine.

Ria Formosa

The wetland that surrounds Faro, protected as a natural park, gets lots of attention in the summer as a beach spot. But for the rest of the year doesn’t lose its magnetism, as it is an excellent stop for bird watching and also for walking or hiking.