/4 More Things to do in Algarve in the Winter

4 More Things to do in Algarve in the Winter

4 More Things to do in Algarve in the Winter

A few weeks ago we suggested some things to do and visit in Algarve in the Winter, and we’re back to this subject. The region may seem small, but it has endless spots and options to spend this short but warm days. Check out our next suggestions.


If you’re all about history, you’ll like to know the importance of this city for the Portuguese Discoveries, rather than Sagres itself. A real-scale replica of a Portuguese caravel is usually anchored at Lagos’ marina. Aside from walking through the historic centre, you can take your kids to the local Zoo and also to the Ciência Viva Center. Ciência Viva means “Living Science” – it will be a good time for your kids to learn a few things while having fun.


This hilly town at the Guadiana River shares a long history with its Spanish neighbour Sanlucar de Guadiana. It’s right that Winter is not the best time to enjoy Limitezero, the “only cross-border zipline of the world”, starting in Spain and crossing the river into Portugal. Nonetheless, you can make boat trips in the river, taste local gastronomy and enjoy the calm of this (unfortunately) sparsely populated region, inhabited by ancient Romans and Moors.


If you want to stay at a big city, you can pick Portimão, where you can find large shopping malls (like the Aqua) and fledgling street shops, along with all kind of services you can expect in a medium-sized city. Portimão allows you to reach the urban beach of Praia da Rocha in just 5 minutes by car, where you can stroll around the beach walk, pick a table and have a pint by the sunset, or even try your luck at the local casino.


Walk around the old town and don’t miss the chance to visit the market. In this dynamic city (some people devise a future in which Loulé and Faro will develop a full conurbation; in fact, the stadium and the Mar Shopping are already anchors for this kind of development) you’ll find the most modern shopping areas and the most typical traditions. You have to come in February to enjoy the Carnival of Loulé, by far the biggest and trendiest of southern Portugal.