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11 reasons to move to Portugal

11 reasons to move to Portugal

Portugal is being referenced everywhere as a great place to visit and go on holidays. But, more than that, is it a great place to live. Check out these 11 reasons for this.

1 – Climate

Everything you heard about the Portuguese weather is true. It’s sunny, it’s warm, and you don’t get consecutive days or weeks of cloudy days. It rains, but it can be in showers or you can get a day or two of rain. And then, Spring arrives in all its glory. Also, you seldom get icy conditions.

2 – Security

The country has appeared in several studies as among the safest in the world, including the Global Peace Index, which puts it 3rd, just behind Iceland and New Zealand. Moreover, the risk of terrorism is very low.

3 – Internet

95% of the county has DSL coverage and fibre optic broadband is on the rise. Also, 90% of public services are online. Regarding the prices, check number 7.

4 – Health services

Right-wing commentators in Portugal used to say the “National Health System” (SNS), born a few years after the 1974 Carnation Revolution, it’s too state-centered, centralised and “Soviet-style”. Have you ever heard the fame of the Cuban health system? Now, imagine that – in a capitalist, democratic country. That’s what you get in Portugal: a fairly efficient and free health system.

5 – Europe…

It’s roughly 2h30m hours in a direct flight to get here. And you always have low-cost options.

6 – …and European Union

Portugal has been doing everything to be a part of the European Union, and successfully. And that is a big part of the economic and political stability the country got recently.

7 – Low prices

The national minimum wage is 580 euros. You’ll quickly find that everything is cheap: housing, food, utilities, etc. And if you get to the countryside, prices drop even more.

8 – Real estate opportunity

This is a result of the previous 7 conditions. Prices are on the rise, but you still can get a good bargain – and expect them to increase in value in the future.

9 – Walking everywhere

Most foreigners that land in Lisbon or Porto end up not using much of the public transports, let alone a car. The cities are very walkable.

10 – Food

The food is just great, whether you long for meat dishes, seafood or fish, or even some hidden, local specialities, like “migas”.

11 – Football

In Algarve, a group of local British expats, missing the weekly football thrills, created a support group for Sporting Clube Olhanense, from the Olhão city. If you check the usual Portuguese clubs participation in UEFA competitions and the latest results of the national football team, you’ll quickly conclude that football here is demanding and of good quality.

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