/10 Places To Go in Post-Covid Algarve

10 Places To Go in Post-Covid Algarve

We don’t get tired to remind you that there’s a lot more to see in Algarve than it’s beaches. May this be even truer in post-Covid times. Check out 10 amazing suggestions for places to go in the region where it is less likely for you to find lots of people.


The western coast doesn’t seem Algarvian, but it is: in its Mediterranean landscape and its gastronomy. Around Aljezur you can also find several of the least populated beaches of the region.


Stroll in the streets of the old town and check the huge beaches of the Ria Formosa, ideal for the post-Covid times. There’s more in Algarve capital than its airport.


The fantastic red castle built by the Islamic settlers reminds us that this was once the most populated city in Algarve and one of the big cities of the highly developed Caliphate of Córdoba.

Pego do Inferno

A few kilometres from Tavira, you get an idyllic scenario: a waterfall heading directly into a blue-green lagoon. Amazingly, few people know it, aside from locals.


A small town by the margins of the Guadiana where you can relax and easily imagine how would life be when this was a relevant Islamic town in the Middle Ages.


It’s time to go and visit the southwesternmost spot of Continental Europe. The geographical situation, along with the high cliffs, made the Romans call the place “sacrus” (sacred), hence the current one. Visit the fortress build by Henry the Navigator, but beware of historical fake news: he did not establish a navigation school in this remote place.


Tavira is a lovely and well-preserved town where you can see and feel the old Algarve aside from the beaches and modern developments. The site was occupied by the Romans, just like Faro itself.


Less than 30 km away from Loulé, up into the countryside, lays a historic village surrounded by hills and crossed by a peaceful stream. The scenario is perfect for picnics and quiet, long walks in nature.


The hilltop town gives its name to the surrounding hills. Just like Alte, it’s excellent for hiking.

Cacela Velha

A small village built in the 17th century to protect the coastline against pirates. The landscape is beautiful, and you’ll find local fishers to take you to the islands in their boats so that you can enjoy the vast beaches out there.