/What area to visit in the Algarve? – Eastern Algarve

What area to visit in the Algarve? – Eastern Algarve

East West or central?


With so many different areas to visit and explore sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, the Algarve is a relatively small area, just over 150KM from East to West, but each area has an amazing array of differences that aren’t always recognised on first impressions!!

Eastern Algarve

The Eastern Algarve is generally considered to be the area, from Faro up to the Spanish border. With the main area of interest being Tavira. This is a typically working Portuguese town, which has developed over the years into a popular tourist area. Retaining almost all of its original structures, boasting over 20 churches, and many winding cobbled streets. There has been a fair few million €’s spent on the area recently, with the central avenue along the river front, being pedestrianised and allow the cafes to have a more open feel, with the tables and chairs lining the streets to sit and watch the world go by with a Galló (milky coffee) and a croissant.

This area has been hailed over recent years as a fantastic investment in property. Although this is mainly due to the property prices being at a less inflated price than the more touristic areas in the Algarve. Whether the huge growth predictions will come true remains to be seen! What is true, and remains so is your money will go a bit further here. With property starting at just €125,000 for a 2bedroom apartment with a swimming pool, it is noticeably cheaper than its “competitor” areas.

Other areas of interest along the East coast are, Olhaowhere there is a fabulous promenade along the sea front, with plans to built a new marina extending from the current one, with a large hotel chain building a 5* hotel and development in the area, this could well be a place to watch. Fuzeta is also a popular choice for both foreigners and locals alike, with a great market and a fantastic beach. Not so built up as some areas there is still a majestic local charm about watching the fishermen going to and from the sea with their spoils of the day, which you will likely end up eating at one of the many restaurants!

If your interested in purchasing a propertyin the Eastern Algarve then you will have a good choice, and for now anyway you can still pick up a front line property with stunning sea views without breaking the bank. Lux Tavira is a beautiful development featuring amazing sea views, and with 2 Bedrooms starting at just €210,000 the price is a great sight also!