/Vaccine works!

Vaccine works!

According to the Times of Israel, the data released after the first assessment of a complete stage of Covid vaccination has been highly positive. A healthcare organisation gathered the data after inoculating about half a million people with both the first and second rounds of the Pfizer vaccine. Of those, about 0,1% were later diagnosed with Sars-Cov-2, only four cases turned severe, and not a single one died.

The report has been spread by the international media and by some specialised science sites. The Nature magazine’s official website mentions a statement from Eran Segal, from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, stating that the drop in new cases was especially strong in older people, those more affected by the virus. Segal compared the date with the national lockdown of past September and noticed that the vaccines, way more than the lockdown, are making up for it.

What about the new variants?

According to The Guardian, the Pfizer vaccine protects against both the “British” and the “South African” variants of the virus. The newspaper warns that the study claiming this, made by the virology professor William James from the Oxford University, was still not reviewed by other scientists.

Hope for the rest of the year

Notwithstanding, these are signs that, in the future, we might be looking for the Covid-19 pandemic as a decisive victory of science and medicine against a significant natural enemy. Less than a year has passed since the first big outbreak in Europe, and we already have several vaccines in place, rolling out gradually – likely not as fast as one would like, but surely blindingly fast if we look at History.

Although the British government is still recommending its citizens not to schedule holidays abroad for the summer, we can “forgive” the authorities for being cautious regarding this matter. But the scenario can change dramatically fast in a matter of weeks or months. Moreover, let’s not forget that the British Prime-Minister has been, among the world leaders, likely the one that Sars-Cov-2 more severely hit, so surely we can empathise with him personally regarding the concern for his people’s health.