/Portugal: Safe Tourist Destination

Portugal: Safe Tourist Destination

Several international players recognize Portugal as one of the safest places to travel this summer, amid the covid19 pandemic. Let’s check a few examples.

European Best Destinations: Algarve as a whole

European Best Destinations (EBD) included 4 Portuguese regions among the safest to travel. Algarve, with its low numbers of infected and deceased, is naturally in this list, which also includes neighbouring Alentejo and the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira. 

EBD is a travel website “developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe”, in its own words, and works closely with the European Union’s EDEN Network. The destinations have been selected according to criteria like the implementation of particular “protocols concerning hygiene in accommodations, restaurants, shops”, “proximity to hospitals” and a high number of hospital beds per inhabitant.

European Best Destinations: Meia-Praia 

EBD has also chosen the ten safest beaches across Europe, regarding the same concerns. Three beaches in Portugal have been included, one of them in Algarve: the famed Meia Praia, in Lagos. More than a beach, this is a long 3-mile stretch of sandy shore extending immediately east from Lagos. For those looking for social distancing and open spaces, it’s an ideal choice.

CNN eyes Greece and Portugal as fighting “to become Europe’s safest holiday destination”

recent news piece from CNN brought the American audience attention for the two Southern European countries that, relying heavily on tourism, were able to fight the pandemic the best: Greece and Portugal. The news focused on the “Clean and Safe” certification, with the authorities stating that “14,000 businesses have received the seal and 15,000 employees have been trained”.

The American media outlet also interviewed a German tourist, Christine Benna. She said that she “didn’t want to postpone because who knows how things will be in a couple of months” and she felt safe throughout her stay.