/Portugal is 1st in the world regarding welcomeness

Portugal is 1st in the world regarding welcomeness

Portugal is 1st in the world regarding welcomeness

According to PortugalResident, Portugal was considered the number one country in the world regarding “attitude towards foreign residents”. The results are from the Expat Insider 2018; an inquiry set up by InterNations which considered a list of 67 countries. To “make friends, get established, raise a family and generally enjoy the quality of life” is what, in general, makes the country very attractive.

It’s not the first time we mention InterNations in our site. They were featured last year when they revealed that Portugal was the best place for expats to be. InterNations is an online community comprising about 13,000 members, coming from nearly 190 countries.

Why is it not considered the best place in the world for expats?

The report of InterNations places Portugal “only” in 6th place in the list of “best countries for expats”. The explanation is that there are several criteria used to create this list (with the “attitude towards foreign residents” being just one of them). The country gets average results on the criteria of working abroad (48th) and personal finance (45th).

However, regarding every criterion that evaluates the personal and human aspects of living in Portugal, the country fares very high: quality of life (2nd), ease of settling in (5th) and the attitude mentioned above towards foreigners.


Also impressive were the results of the inquiry regarding security issues. 77% of expats in Portugal are “completely satisfied” with the feeling of peacefulness, and 73% point as “outstanding” their level of personal safety.

A strong tradition

Portugal is now firmly established as an excellent spot for expats among the InterNations community. In 2017, the country got 5th place in the overall list of top expat destinations, while leading the “quality of life” ranking. In 2016, top ten positions in both the “Feeling Welcome” and “Friendliness” categories; in 2015, it got 3rd place in the “most welcoming destinations” ranking; and in 2014 it had already grabbed 5th place of the “friendliness” ranking while being 15th in the overall one.