/Portugal: Britons reservations up to 700%

Portugal: Britons reservations up to 700%

Holidays reservations made by British visitors into Portugal have risen to 700% in the last few days. The removal of the country of the quarantine list of the British government, confirmed by all the four nations of the United Kingdom, was just what Britons were expecting.

According to Público, the tourist operator On The Beach noted a rise of 723% of the reservations of Britons to Portugal, compared with the period before the lifting of the mandatory quarantine on arrival. 

Britons are trusting in Portugal

Interestingly, the company adds that 72% of those reservations are being scheduled for September and October. This means that the immediate depart, to enjoy the last days of August, was not the choice of the majority of people making their reservations. People are planning in advance.

Although July and August are usually the hottest months of the year, one can find sunny, warm weather in Algarve throughout the year. The beginning of Autumn can still be perfect for some seaside beach days. For some activities, it can be even better: golfers, for instance, enjoy better the moderate heat of this time of the year. The high season of golf is one of the reasons explaining these numbers.

But scheduling with weeks in advance also shows that the British are putting their faith in the Portuguese authorities capacity of dealing with the pandemic in the coming weeks. As we mentioned last week, the Transport Secretary, Mr Grant Shapps, warned that “things can change quickly” and that people should “only travel if [they] are content to unexpectedly 14-day quarantine if required”. A rise of 700% clearly means people do not fear a reversal of the measure.

Ryanair is starting its engines

According to the newspaper Público, plane tickets from Britain to Faro have risen between 400% and 1250%. Ryanair announced that it would add 14 weekly flights to Faro, from 12 British airports, in the period between September 11th and October 24th.