/Guadiana Long Distance Path extended

Guadiana Long Distance Path extended

Guadiana Long Distance Path extended

The Odiana Association, which brings together the Town Halls of Alcoutim, Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, launched a new video and a new guide about the GR15 – Grande Rota do Guadiana (long distance path of Guadiana river), at the FITUR, the international tourism fair of Madrid, which is happening these days.

Available in several idioms, both the guide and the video intended to show the different dimensions of the long distance path and encourage potential tourists to come and discover the path and the region.

The GR15 has been extended, at the beginning of 2019, for a new total extension of 78,5 km (about 48 miles), from Vila Real de Santo António, by the sea, upstream until Alcoutim and beyond, reaching the Algarve limit, bordering Alentejo province. It is now possible to follow the Guadiana river further into Alentejo, up to the historical village of Mértola – the path would take about 100 km (62 miles) in total.

Pedestrianism in Algarve

Enjoying outdoors through pedestrian-ism is undoubtedly one of the developing tourist attractions of Algarve. As we mentioned here before, the Algarve Walking Season is now establishing itself as a significant event, designed to attract visitors and tourists outside the main season, and especially in the Autumn and the Spring. The town of Alcoutim will host its Walking Festival next March (8th to 10th), integrated in the Walking Season.

Alcoutim is where the GR15 meets the GR13, known as the Grande Rota Algarviana (Algarvian Long Distance Path), which connects the Guadiana and the Spanish border all the way to Cape St. Vincent, crossing inland Algarve.

The Baixo (Lower) Guadiana region is a sparsely populated area, where you can walk among the silence, discover the fauna and flora and enjoy the hospitality of the locals and the feeling of security mixed with the sense of adventure. Always with the warm Algarvian climate. Will you give it a try?