/Forbes: Portugal is the best country for expats
Expats in Portugal

Forbes: Portugal is the best country for expats

Forbes: Portugal is the best country for expats

Portugal is being hailed as a great tourist destination. As a very safe and peaceful nation. As a country recovering from the bailout years. And a country with warm, friendly people. If you bring that all together, what do you get? An excellent destination for expats, of course.

It is no big surprise, then, that people studying the ability of countries as expat destination eventually would place this country at a very high position. A few days ago, Forbes announced the result of the latest study: Portugal is actually the number one, among 65 countries.

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Study: 13,000 expats from 188 countries

When you find this kind of news online, mentioning “studies”, they seldom give good information about the study itself. So let’s underline the nature of the study, which was not performed by Forbes itself, to make very clear its relevancy.

InterNations is, very likely, the world’s biggest information network for expats. They were able to do a study that included findings and opinions of 13,000 expats, coming from 188 different countries. That’s really a significant sample to work with, and it’s no surprise why Forbes trusts this study to tell the world about it.

Portugal as the number one

The countries climbed nine places since the previous study of InterNations, relating to 2016. The study evaluates three main points:

–    Friendly attitude toward expats

–    Ease of making local friends

–    Expats likely to stay forever

Portugal got high values on all the three points: 94% in the first one, 58% in the second and 47% in the third. Forbes also quotes some individual considerations that tell a lot about the country. An Australian expat says that the locals are helpful, and a Dutch one goes further: he says that “people look after each other”, which presumably gives him a real sense of community.

Unlike what usually happens in America, according to the same Forbes article and revealed by the study, where people are polite to expats, but they typically don’t really care.

If you needed extra reasons to start pondering a relocation to Portugal, Forbes has just delivered it.