/Algarve has 2 of the world’s top six nudist beaches

Algarve has 2 of the world’s top six nudist beaches

Globehunters, the online travel website, developed a ranking of the best nudist beaches in the world, given several characteristics and conditions. As it turned out, Algarve has two of the top-6 nudist beaches. The portal’s list includes 45 places, all around the globe.

The criteria

The portal included the following criteria to elaborate on this list:

– Average summer temperature

– Summer sunshine hours

– summer UV score

– LGBTQ+ Danger Index

– Safety Index Score

– Average Airbnb daily rate

These were deemed as the most critical factors for a nudist beach, for understandable reasons. One would need to combine the warm and the sunshine with other features, like general safety. The average Airbnb daily rate is a clear invitation for nudist travellers to stay with locals; it’s unclear if the portal itself has sponsored the initiative. And the LGBTQ+ Danger Index is obviously important, both for LGBTQ+ and for straight nudists. Even for straight people, nudism is not always a welcomed activity in many countries; while LGBTQ+ can attract adverse reactions even while not practising nudism on regulated beaches.

Algarve’s evaluation

It’s worth to mention that Algarve did not get the highest scores regarding the climate criteria (temperature, sunshine, UV). This is because the region was not competing only with British, Dutch or Swedish beaches. There were representatives from Spain and other Mediterranean countries (Greece, Turkey), from the Southern United States, Mexico and Jamaica. But Algarve’s latitude and general climate make it quite good.

Regarding general safety, Portugal is again on top. The beach of Odeceixe (Aljezur, Western Algarve) got the 4th best safety score, losing only to three Greek island beaches (in Crete and Santorini). One could say that Odeceixe is the safest nudist beach in Continental Europe.

Regarding LGBTQ+ safety, the beaches are aligned by countries, as this is not a local criterion but rather a general, political one. The Swedish beach is the most LGBTQ+ friendly, followed by the three Canadian beaches; but these two Northern countries don’t get much sun… the three Portuguese beaches come next, and the country is notoriously LBGTQ+ friendly. These findings (Canada, Sweden, Portugal) go in line with the rating given by gay holiday guide Spartacus in 2019. Despite the conservative heritage of the 20th-century right-wing dictatorship, this has much to do with “live and let live” Portuguese way.

The Algarvian beaches included are, aside from the Odeceixe mentioned above, the Barreta Island (Ilha da Barreta), in Faro. From Portugal, it was also mentioned Bela Vista beach, in the Setúbal district (near Lisbon).