2011 could start to erase the gloom of the last 2 years?

We think so. The start of the year has been particularly busy, with a lot more clients and buyers arriving then in years gone by.

The realisation that the world isn’t going to stop or melt down from the global crisis has helped, and Portugal property has always proven to be a great bet so it stands to reason they’d be an influx now.

Also more of the far flung countries have experienced troubles of that, which only fuels the need to by somewhere with stability not just in economic terms but it political terms also.

If you need any help with buying a property in Portugal, please take a read from our new property guide.

See the full article in the Algarve Resident here – http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=40161

Is Portugal now the cheapest holiday destination?

Well it certainly looks like it. A recent story from the Algarve Resident, states that the Post Office holiday barometer declared Portugal to be the best value holiday destination not just in Europe, but Worldwide.

The story goes on to compare various prices of everyday things, such as refreshments and suncreams.

A lot of people where put off of the Algarve, citing that it was just to costly. But now the restaurants and bars have starting fighting back and it seems to be working!

Lets hope we get even more people back here from the UK this summer!

You can read the full story here – http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=39985

It’s hot, where’s our snow?!

That’s right, today we are sitting at a cool 21 degrees, no snow in sight and no problems with traffic. Portugal is well known for it’s good weather, although sometimes it’s nice to have a little snow (only a little though!) and that, apart from the North of the country, is not something that we have seen in sometime here.

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Blue skies, just 2 hours away

Winter is when a lot of people especially in the UK and Ireland start thinking about moving, dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon, freezing cold with rain and snow to boot. Climate plays an important part in our lives, and having good weather is something that is instrumental in enjoying life. Being able to got the park, or walk along the beach in December is something that a lot of people aspire too, and are now working towards.

We are certainly no strangers to these sentiments, as its what brought us here so we are in an excellent palce to give you whatver advice you need regarding moving to Portugal.

If it’s something your’re thinking about, please drop us a line and let us know if we can be of assistance.

Press Release Decemeber


Despite the economic crisis, the Bank of Portugal has this week revealed that the tourism industry was responsible for generating revenue of almost six billion Euros in the first nine months of the year, well above numbers registered in 2009 or even 2008, which was considered the best year ever for tourism in Portugal. The past twelve months has not been as bad as the media suggests, comments Stephen Anderson, Managing Director of the Portugal based property group of property investors, Infinito Real.

“Going into 2010, the market was filled with uncertainty which was evident from the numbers of would be buyers who either postponed their viewing trips or who just came over to get a feel for what was happening without any firm decision to commit to a purchase.  Many of those that did venture over were looking to capitalise on distressed sellers wishing to dispose of their overseas property and willing to make a loss in the process.  With the Spanish property market going into freefall, many assumed that the reductions experienced in Spain would apply in Portugal.  Expectations were completely unrealistic, with clients looking for a 50% discount on sea front villas.  For us as a group, the first part of the year was unproductive.

Of course, there are still deals to be had, but this is a small area and anything with a unique location will hold its value.  Most reductions are in the main stream apartments and villas, the ones with investment potential and the occasional one off villa that, although may be very nice, is not in one of those never again locations.

The latter half of the year saw an upturn in clients looking seriously but they had to contend with an increase in mortgage rates and a tightening of the lending criteria, which are huge factors to take into account when buying abroad.”

Stephen feels that things will not change dramatically in 2011, explaining, “It’s likely we will see more of the same, albeit with less drastic price reductions, as those most hit by the economic crisis have either sold up or walked away.  Although prices will still be negotiable, there will be a more restrictive mortgage process hindering some of the previously available high loan to value deals.  Borrowers will also find that mortgage rates will have almost doubled in twelve months.

We would expect to see an upturn in the number of clients making inspection visits and, for the New Year, we will be offering special deals for those wishing to make viewings, starting at £49 per person.  The first few months will perhaps be the best time to look as the talk of a Portuguese bail out, although nowhere near the levels of the Irish or Greek one, will be enough to delay some people’s decision making, offering some leverage when it comes to making a deal.  This is unlikely to drastically affect property prices, although it will make financing a little more expensive as the rate will increase again, as well as some nominal increases in the stamp duty and IVA taxes.”

A boost in cheap flights to The Algarve, and Ryannair taking up a permanent presence in Faro airport have made it more accessible to tourists and placed Portugal on Europe’s and the world’s route of quality destinations.  This will help those letting out their properties, says Stephen, “Although rental levels have been lower this year, the occupancy has been relatively unaffected , meaning property owners have been able to cover costs.  This will likely remain the same next year with perhaps an extra few weeks rental due to the extra flights now available.”

Amazing sea front properties!

With sea front property always proving popular, and there being a distinct lack of it here in the Algarve, this could be the ultimate property for you.

Situated on the cliff top over looking the stunning Porto de Mos beach, these new ocean front apartments feature panoramic views from every of the 20 apartments there. A view that is unrivalled anywhere along the Algarve today!

Due to be completed in the summer of 2011, and offering a fully equipped health club and hotel facilities as well as the ultimate jacuzzi on the balcony added bonus!

Take a look, it might be what you’ve been waiting for.

Ocean View apartments

Halloween, or All Saints Day?

For most of us this weekend has been full of spooky goings on, with trick or treating and ghoulish fancy dress parties!

However over here in Portugal, the weekend has a different meaning, the 1st of November is “All Saints Day” and is a day to commemorate the saints.  It is a traditional holiday here and gives the locals another long weekend to enjoy the sunshine!

There are many differences between countries even though in Europe it seems so close and easy to hop between them all that we forget the different customs and holidays.

This is one of the reasons moving to another country to live is such and exciting and revealing experience.  Offering you the choice of celebrating your home lands holidays, or the better option, celebrating BOTH!

Portugal is well known for its relaxing way of life and with what seems like at least one bank holiday every month, there’s always something to celebrate!

If you’ve been thinking about moving abroad then please take a look at our free guide to the country which will give you a little help to get you started.

You can download it here.

A property in Portugal is a greater investment than a property in UK says Infinito Real

For investors looking to achieve the best return for their outlay, buying a property in Portugal is more accessible than buying a property in the UK, says Stephen Anderson, Managing Director of Portugal based property investment company, Infinito Real.

“It’s common knowledge that buying a property in the UK is not as easy as it once was.  Part of the issue is funding of any purchase and, in particular, for investment purchases the selection of mortgages are few and far between and, when they are available, the criteria is very stringent.” says Stephen.

“When purchasing in Portugal, you don’t have to specify the purpose of the purchase.  Mortgage options are straight forward with the choice of either an interest only or capital repayment loan, although an interest only loan is harder to obtain for higher loan to value mortgages.  The banks now look seriously at the income of each client and, if there is a high risk, will in most cases refuse the lending or lower the amount they will lend and exclude the interest only period.”

Examples of costs, income and expected profit are illustrated with figures supplied from Infinito Real using the average cost of a two bedroom apartment at Vilamoura Golf Course at €228,000 and incurring acquisition costs of €15,400.40.

Option 1 – 100% Finance, 3% Interest rate, 30 year term

Repayment monthly instalments – €961.00

Interest only monthly instalments – €570.00
Option 2 – 70% Finance, 2% Interest rate, 30 year term

Repayment monthly instalments – €589.91

Interest only monthly instalments – €266.00

Running costs will amount to roughly €3,000 per annum assuming the property is rented.

Expected Income (net of 15% commission charge):

High Season rental – 8 weeks x €800 = €6,400

Golf Mid Season rental – 8 weeks x €640= €5,120

Winter Rental – Potential for long term winter lets for 3 or 6 months – €650 per month =€1950 / €3900

Total Rental Income Potential – €15420.

Net profit per year

Option 1

(Repayment) Total running costs = €14,532                Profit – €888.00

(Interest only) Total running costs = €9,840              Profit – €5,580

Option 2

(Repayment) Total running costs = €10,078.92        Profit – €5341.80

(Interest only) Total running costs = €6,192              Profit – €9,228.00

Stephen concludes, “these options illustrate the main difference in how a lot of buyers perceive property investment.   Although many would be concerned that the high levels of finance in option 1 leave little room for a bad rental year, the benefit is that a relatively small amount of capital outlay is required. Assuming the property increase in value each year the investment return is very high.

The second option is a much safer option, and has plenty of room for a bad rental year.  In fact the peak rental periods alone would cover the costs, so the operating expenses are more often than not going to be completely covered. “

Portugal Masters 2010

For golf lovers the Algarve is a paradise at this time of year, the weather is fantastic and the swarms of summer tourists are gone, perfect for a few rounds.

The Portugal Masters, which is held at the Victoria Golf Course in Vilamoura, will for the 4th year running, host some of the games top golfers. Including some of the Ryder cup winners!

If you plan to visit the Algarve for this, the competition starts from the 13th October until the 17th October, and ticket prices at the gate from €10.00.

The Algarve is of course well known for it’s Golf courses, and the properties for sale around them become even more attractive as these events continue to grow here.

Some of the top properties for sale in the Algarve are in fact based around golf courses. If you fancy having your morning tea, or evening cocktail whilst watching the action transpire then it may be the perfect time to look at buying a property in Portugal.

We have some fantastic golf front properties for sale next to the Victoria course with amazing discounts to boot.

If you’re interested then you can have a look at Victoria Gardens, and Monte Laguna both top quality developments within a stones throw of the beautiful courses, and club houses.

Press Release

Press Release  *  Press Release  *  Press Release

Date of Issue:  17th September 2010

Infinito Real gears up for their busiest month of the year

Infinito Real are preparing themselves for what has historically been their busiest month of the year for enquiries and purchases.  For the past decade, the Portugal based group of property investors have seen a substantial increase in the number of enquires received from potential purchasers, both for private holiday homes and investment properties, during the month of October.

Managing Director, Stephen Anderson, knows the pattern well and is already experiencing an increase in clients booking appointments, and viewing trips of around 300% in the last six weeks which, from past experience, will increase further during the ensuing month. With viewing trips becoming more popular again, there has been a rush to book, and we have confirmed trips every weekend up until December, with numbers likely to double in the coming months.  The reasoning is simple he explains, “a lot of people have spent the summer abroad and returned home to a cold UK with the idea of having a second home in the sun.  The summer attracts scores of tourists to Portugal, a great many looking at property so, during this period, the prices are high as owners are optimistic and there is no real rush for them to sell with the rent ability factor high and an income almost guaranteed.  Once the peak season is over there are less tourists and, subsequently, less rental opportunities and this is the time owners are keen to offload their property and may be more willing to drop their price or accept an offer in order to secure a sale before winter arrives.  With flights and hotel accommodation cheaper, October is the perfect time for a potential purchaser to look around to see what is available.  The same principles apply whether buying a holiday home for private use or an investor looking for a good return on their outlay.”

For those looking for a market with sustainable and strong demand, there are lots of reasons to buy in Portugal.  Stephen Anderson names a few of them, “Portugal is always among the top 20 most visited destinations in the world and is particularly popular with Brits.  The high volumes of golfers who take breaks in the Algarve represent an affluent and increasing base upon which an investor could make a property investment purchase decision and could draw an income.  Access is easy with numerous low cost airlines flying in and out, including Easyjet, Ryanair and Monarch and flight routes are continuously being expanded which, in turn, will increase tourism traffic and business flow which can only be good news for anyone thinking about buying a Portuguese property.  One of the most important considerations for Brits is that the people of Portugal are particularly friendly and most of them speak English so conducting business and holidaying is easy.”

Fancy living with the rich and famous…

But can’t afford the million euro price tag. Then this little studio apartment might be just what you’ve been looking for.

In a great area, with pool tennis court and bar, close to everything in Quinta da Lago, this is a wonderful opportunity to live in this luxury area.

For more information on this property please click here. And for more properties like this then please do contact us and let us know what you’re requirements are.