Considering buying a property in Portugal, now is the time

July 11th, 2014


If you are considering buying in Portugal now is the time; a half million euro property could cost you around £17,000 less at these current rates.

If you have been tracking the pound versus the euro over the last few years you will realise that the current high of 1.25€ to the pound sterling is the best it has been.That saving, would pay for most of your legal costs.

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Portugal recession over!

July 9th, 2014


Portugal will not enter another recession, assured the Deputy Prime Minister Paulo Portas on Monday (July 7).

Although he acknowledged that the Portuguese economy hasn’t yet reached “great or even very good levels”, the deputy PM stressed that it is “better than it was a year ago” and that recent statistics indicate the country is experiencing an economic recovery.

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Algarve – Europe’s most famous secret.

June 24th, 2014

Portugal’s Algarve, located at Europe’s westernmost tip and boasting 100 miles of Atlantic coastline, could be Europe’s most famous secret.

This region boasts Europe’s best beaches, Europe’s best golf courses, some of Europe’s friendliest folk, and Western Europe’s lowest cost of living. It’s also Europe’s newest tax haven.

European retirees have recognized all that the Algarve has to offer for a long time, and this sunny coastal region is the chosen destination for more than 100,000 of them.


Envoiroment Friendly – Portugal’s first ‘100 percent electric’ minibus launches in Faro

June 19th, 2014

fullsize-dia-do-ambiente-580The first electric minibus in the country was inaugurated in Faro last week, in the presence of Portugal’s Minister for the Environment, and will be used for regular public transport.

Portugal’s first ‘100 percent electric’ minibus launches in Faro.
Designed and assembled in Portugal the minibus is powered by three rechargeable batteries, which last for eight hours, and can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometres an hour.

The vehicle is seven-and-a-half metres long, can seat fourteen passengers, is adapted for wheelchairs and can run for 100 kilometres without having to be charged.
It was specifically designed to travel the narrow streets of Faro with the body being developed by national company Irmãos Mota, from Vila Nova de Gaia.
Faro and indeed Portugal’s first electric minibus cost in the region of €160,000 and is one of a fleet of 28 vehicles. It was blessed ahead of its maiden voyage by Father Pedro Manuel of the Faro Cathedral.

“With the project, our county has taken yet another step towards sustainable mobility and stepped up its contribution to fulfilling one of the eight objectives for the millennium to which the council subscribed, which include promoting sustainable development, reducing the loss of biological diversity and reducing the size of the population without access to safe water and sanitation” a Faro council spokesperson said.

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Moving to Portugal…

June 12th, 2014


It is always difficult to make the decision to move permanently to a different country. And the decision is #Portugal?

What considerations you may have? Here you go…

If weather is a deciding factor you need to check out regional temperatures especially in the winter. The Algarve for example, is far warmer and drier than other areas.

Do you want to live inland, or by the sea?

Do you prefer the bustle and noise of a large town, village community or a rural location?

Do you want to be part of an Expat community, or as far away from your fellow countrymen as possible?

Is public transport important?

How important is the proximity of shops and amenities?

Are you a golfer? Do you want to live on a golf complex or just within easy access?

Do you need to be near an International School or will opt for the local school?

If need some expert advise to choose the best location call us now!

World Golf Awards inaugural Gala Ceremony in Quinta do Lago

June 11th, 2014

The Luxury Conrad Hotel in Quinta do Lago has been chosen to host the World Golf Awards inaugural Gala Ceremony. The event takes place in 5 months time, from 14th to 16th of November.


“It was announced earlier this week that the three-day sporting extravaganza will take place at what is one of the Algarve’s newest and most modern hotels, the Conrad Algarve.

The World Golf Awards were created to “celebrate and reward excellence in golf tourism, world class courses and golf destinations”, according to a statement sent to The Portugal News from the organisers.

It explained: “Golf tourism constitutes a vital segment in the global travel and tourism marketplace. An estimated 600 million golfer visits will take place in 2014 to the 32,000 golf courses and resorts worldwide. The inaugural World Golf Awards will focus on the leading 130 nations who are shaping the future of this dynamic industry.”

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Beach Apartments – Welcome to Algarvian paradise!

June 10th, 2014

The Lagos Santa Maria beach front comprises of two beautiful beaches: the larger Porto de Mos and the smaller Praia do Canavial. Both beaches are separated by a small cliff head land.

Porto de Mos is very popular, a family friendly beach that provides clean bathing waters… And if you would like to wake up with this fantastic view, just pick up the flip-flops and jump in the sea, this can be your paradise home!


Fantastic development on initial stage of construction in the desirable area of Porto de Mós, Lagos. Two stores condominium with only 8 apartments makes it very private and exclusive.Build in a high quality standard, one of the best locations in the Algarve.

There is a limited number of units available. If you dream about on owning a beach front property in the Algarve, here is the opportunity!

Algarve Property Sales start the year strong

June 3rd, 2014


The Algarve has seen a very strong start of the year with property sales returning to a very positive levels,  as well as rentals and hotel occupancy.

After more than three years of house prices decreasing due to the state of the economy, Portugal’s property market is now improving and prices are beginning to escalate.

According to Statistics Portugal (INE) property prices have increased in the first quarter of 2014 and this trend is set to continue over the next 5 years.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have also confirmed this fact as highlighted in a recent article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph. The OECD  in their latest study, they highlighted that property markets in Australia and France are overpriced yet Portugal’s properties are undervalued.

New buyers under the golden visa program have boosted the luxury real estate prices. These “new” buyers are creating a fresh perspective and a well needed boost to our market. We have seen many new shops opening up, renovations being done, new building projects being started and sold in a very short time, showing positive signs that the Algarve is recovering.

Anyone looking to buy property in Portugal should act sooner rather than later to take advantage of the improving state of the property market.

If you are still looking for a property in the Algarve, we should advise to start looking seriously at purchasing this year as the market is recovering faster than expected. There are still good deals to be found, but the discount deals are quickly disappearing.

If you have any queries on our properties , please contact one of our Property Advisors such as Teodora Aquino, Georgina, Sofia, James Hobson.

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French invaders are welcomed by the taxman

June 2nd, 2014



More than 2,200 French national bought house in Portugal last year and 20,000 will live in the country by the end of 2015.

This is the estimate from the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce & Industry , French retirees are moving to Portugal attracted by the golden retirement package offered by the Portuguese tax man, “there are many migrants who live eight or nine months in Portugal and the rest of the time in France. They already can benefit from new laws and not pay taxes on retirement income or on capital gains or dividends.”

The status of non-habitual resident in Portugal, in force since January 2013, allows any retired EU citizen tax exemption for ten years, provided he or she has not been a tax resident in Portugal in the last five. The laws also cover professionals pursuing a high added value job, which may benefit from an income tax reduction to an attractive 20%, somewhat more attractive than France’s top rate of 75%.

In the first Real Estate and Portuguese Tourism fair, between 70% and 75% of visitors were French, mostly retired, but the tax benefits can also be taken full advantage of by Portuguese immigrants who want to return to the country.


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Holiday pound stretches furthest in Bali and the Algarve

May 27th, 2014


Swings in the pound and local price changes makes Bali the cheapest destination with the Algarve best value in Europe.

Bali has emerged as the best value holiday destination for British travellers this year, as a strengthening pound helps budgets stretch further in most resorts and cities.

Holiday costs for Britons were down in 70pc of the 44 destinations surveyed in the Post Office Travel Money report, with prices falling by up to 30pc.

Bali is the cheapest holiday destination overall, with a typical basket of holiday goods costing £31.48 compared with £115.06 in New Zealand, the most expensive destination surveyed.

The Portuguese Algarve came out as the cheapest destination in Europe, with a basket of items costing £35.37.

The survey showed that although the pound was slightly weaker against the euro compared to last year (-1.9pc), prices have fallen 18pc in the Algarve. Conversely, Spain was the only country to record a significant price increase, with meal costs rising 22pc on the Costa del Sol. This pushed Spain’s basket of goods to £39.14, pushing Spain into sixth place.

Paul Havenhand, head of travel at Post Office, said: “We urge cost-conscious holidaymakers to include a comparison of exchange rates for all the destinations they are considering before coming to a final decision. This is likely to make a positive difference to the overall cost of a holiday.”

He added: “At the moment sterling is stronger against three quarters of the top Post Office holiday currencies.”

Resorts are cheaper in Cyprus, Greece and Italy, the survey found, although Italy remains the most expensive destination in Europe with a basket costing around £81, twice as much as Portugal.

The basket includes items like an evening meal for two, a cup of coffee and sun cream.

Popular destinations this year are likely to include South Africa, Vietnam, Burma and Qatar, the Post Office said.

Post Office Travel Money Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer:

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