Buying Algarve Property? – Vale do Lobo Property for sale

January 12th, 2014

Vale do Lobo – The ultimate resort location


Vale do Lobo


Vale do Lobo is one of those places that has everything needed for that perfect holiday.  Pristine beaches, exquisite golf courses, private maintenance and security and a beach front entertainment center (known as the Praca) that has nightly entertainment in a beach front location. Great food great wine and something for all the family to enjoy.

Its one of the most popular destination’s we have for buyers looking to buy a property in the Algarve. Vale do lobo properties are are sure fire winner for investment and personal buyers. At present prices are at the lowest we’ve seen for years so the potential to snap up a bargain have never been better.   With beautiful villas available from €500,00+ the potential for high capital growth in this area is second too none along the Algarve.

We’ve seen a lot of properties selling in absolutely magnificent locations, whether it be front line golf or just stones throw from the beach all at half their original price.  In deed some of these properties offer the potential for redevelopment which can increase the gains by even more. As there are no more plots available for development in the prime locations near the front, the only option for builders or indeed those looking to create their own dream property is too buy an older property in Vale do Lobo and redevelop it, either by knocking it down and starting from scratch or remodeling the existing property using just the shell. This can, in some cases, increase the value exponentially.

Rental income generating from properties in this area is also incredible high and even the most dated of properties will fetch substantial income during the summer months.

Below are a few examples of what’s available in Vale do Lobo that offer incredible value packed with huge potential.

Vale do Lobo property for sale:


Seconds from the Vale do Lobo beach

Seconds from the Vale do Lobo beach

Vale do Lobo stunning remodeled villa

Vale do Lobo stunning remodeled villa
Vale do Lobo villa with extensions options

Exceptional villa with extension options

If you’re interested in buying a property in Vale do Lobo please take a look here on our website for a variety of different options : VALE DO LOBO PROPERTY FOR SALE


Stunnning 5 bed villa for Sale in Boliqueime

January 8th, 2014

ID 2233 – Villa for sale in Boliqueime

EXCEPTIONAL luxury villa with nothing but top of the line finishes throughout. Set on a large plot with a free flowing design throughout. Large open living room area, with a stunning water fall feature flowing through the dinning area down to the games room area. No expense has been spared the appliances and fixtures throughout are all top of the range.

All automated systems have been pre installed and can be added at the new owner’s request.This is really one of those homes that looks great in the photo’s but actually looks even better in person. For the ultimate in luxury in a fabulous location start your search here.

Boliqueime is in an ideal location, just a short drive away from the wonderful marina of Vilamoura, along with its 6 golf courses and beaches. Then about the same distance away from Albufeira for it’s excellent nightlife and 18 blue flag beaches! Perfect positioning for capturing all types of clients for rentals future sales and of course for your own enjoyment.

A busy and typically quaint town center has everything you could want or need as well as some fabulous restaurants bars and shops. These locations are fast becoming harder to find as areas expand and more properties are built so being able to get such a magnificent home in a great location like this is a massive plus. If you’re looking or a villa for sale in Boliqueime then you’ve come to the right place!


View this property here – CLICK


For more villas for sale in Boliqueime click here


To check our full range of properties follow this link to our website –

Algarve Property : Negotiating for 2014

January 8th, 2014

Buying a property in the Algarve this year? 

Well, presumably you wont be happy to pay the asking price for a property s

o you’ll be looking to get the best deal possible, which means negotiation.  How can you get the best deal possible, without offending the sellers so much they tell you to take a run and jump? Well quite easily really, two key elements you must have in place / know before hand.


1) How much capital you have now and available for a deposit upon immediate acceptance of the offer

2) Time frame for completion (this means if you need a mortgage then you already have it pre approved)


Also it’s worth mentioning that if you want to put an offer in on a property then do so with the intention of buying it if the offer is accepted, or the negotiating is suitable for you.  Putting in offers left right and center doesn’t really help you and in fact can actually make you look less serious than you really are. By all means have a number of properties you wish to, attempt, to buy. But make offer’s on them in turn based on your preference if you’re in hurry then put a time limit on the validity of the proposal so the vendors much revert back with an answer within a time frame, maybe 24 or 48 hours, or you’ll move onto your next option.

Items such a furniture, air conditioning, rental’s already booked for the property are all items that can be negotiated as well but unless they are of a high monetary value the key focus is the price. It’s better to have €20,000 off the price, than a house full of second hand furniture that you’ll be replacing anyway!

2014 will see a slight turn in favour of some seller’s, especially those in prime locations that have less comparable properties so be prepared for a counter offer or make a single and final offer if you don’t want to be drawn into back and forth negotiations.

Also, a tip that can sometimes be hard to avoid. If the seller is there and / or their agent try not to look too keen!

It’s a given that we’ll always work our hardest to negotiate the best price for you as our client, the above information is simple preparation and a quick discussion with your realtor should help ascertain the likely hood of an offer being accepted so use them to the fullest.


Infinito Real : Algarve Property Tips

September 6th, 2013


Buy to let Investment Property in Portugal


A phrase many British property buyers will be all too familiar with “Buy to Let”. A craze that swept through the UK and Ireland years ago and stuck fast remaining one of the most popular means of investment throughout Britain.

In simple terms it’s the idea of buying a home and renting it out at a profit, or to cover at a minimum the running expenses.  A form of pension for those who lost faith in more traditional means of saving for retirement, a way of having your cake and eating it as well. After all (at least for overseas property buyers) a huge draw was being able to use the property for holidays whenever it wasn’t rented.

Does Buy to Let work in Portugal though?

This is a good question and as much as we’d love to say yes of course it does, it really hinges on the properties location and crucially the price you pay. This is not traditionally a long term rental market so there are fluctuations in the rental year, traditionally summer rentals will account for at least 70% of your annual income, miss this season (June – August) and you will almost certainly have to put your hands in your pockets to meet the running costs.

For most owners of property in key tourist locations in the Algarve covering the annual costs of a property is very achievable. Anyone buying over since 2009 until now, should almost certainly cover the costs easily. Prices have obviously dropped and rentals have kept at roughly the same level making profit a realistic target for serious Buy to Let investors.


Who should I rent my property with, commissions are so high?

Many owners focus far too much on what their agents make, frankly you should only be interested in what you make, if you make what you need to then the agents done their job.  Most good reputable companies will charge around 20% of the rental fee as commission on top of this you will also have cleaning laundry and incidental costs to pay for each renter.

We always recommend that clients who either really need to make rental work for them, or those with multiple properties advertise their homes themselves as well.  The best website to put your property on if you wish to handle client bookings personally, in our opinion anyway, is OwnersDirect.  Of course its worth noting that you will NOT be able to get top rates whilst advertising here, most people will look to haggle the price down and will be looking for a good deal for their holiday so its a chance to test your selling skills if nothing else!

So do they work or not?

Right now its a resounding YES, prices are substantially lower for prime located properties so its much easier to get all the costs of a property covered with rental. This will of course becoming harder during the next few years as prices rise but for now it’s a great time to expand a property investment portfolio with a safe and secure overseas property investment.


If you’d like to speak to us about an investment property in Portugal Algarve drop us a line here.

Infinito Real Algarve News : Top Tourism Award for Portugal

September 3rd, 2013




Europes Top Beaches

Portugal wins best European Beach and also best Golf destination for the second consecutive year at a gala award ceremony in Antalya.  Most visitors to the Algarve will be aware of the wonderful beaches and the pristine golf courses and it seems the rest of Europe are playing catch up to us!

Amongst the competitors we managed to beat off, Cannes, Corfu and Marbella to name a few, although in terms of beach quality there really is no competition when you pit Portugal against the rest of Europe.

The World Travel Award for the best golf destination in Europe also went to Portugal, where we best of England, Scotland, France, Germany and Spain.

It’s clear that from the doom and gloom of the last few years Portugal has pulled through and has continued to do what it does well and will be surely heading in the right direction now and hopefully for a long, long time!


With all these awards it’s easy to see why golf property and beach property are prime investment’s here and sure enough they make up a large percentage of property sales over the last 12 months, price’s for prime locations will be climbing over the next 12 month’s and supply will be reduced to resale properties. With rental returns actually increasing as well there will be very few bargains in hot spot area’s in the near future.

Infinito Real Portugal Algarve Property Agents

September 2nd, 2013


Infinito Real : What type of company to use to buy property in the Algarve?


With the way the overseas property market works now a days you would be forgiven for not quite knowing who you are dealing with. The simplest way to look at it is too split up companies into types of agents :


1) Full broker agents : Infinito Real work as a full broker agent here in the Algarve. What does this mean? Well basically we work with our own portfolio of properties, without being tied to just one area, as well as working with the top traditional real estate agents in each area across the Algarve. The benefit to this is you instantly have access to all the properties available in each area, you have an independent advisor who has knowledge of each different area you are considering and as such can point out the benefits and pit falls of each area without having to worry about losing the sale as we can of course work in any area.  For us this method is much more efficient for client’s which is why we do it, it gives us a greater chance of being able to find our client’s the property they want wherever they are looking and it gives the client the chance to see all the area’s a full range of property without having to to see 5,6,7 or more different agent’s.

2) Traditional real estate agents : Your traditionally agent’s generally cover the area where they are based and only that area, they have their own listing’s and only sell their own listings. A great option if you know exactly where you want to buy a property and want expert knowledge and advice from a company that works and covers that area only. The downside to this is there is no comparisons to other area’s the agents who chose an area and work like this too so as it’s an area they prefer so there is a bias towards it.

3) Overseas Property Agents : A lot of companies (or website nowadays) advertise and offer services in huge numbers of countries. Now on the face of it this looks great offering impartial advice in such a large range of countries is great, however most of the information is taken from other companies who advertise on these sites and, in the majority of cases, aren’t the actual company you’ll be dealing with when you make the appointment. For most buyer’s this is not a sensible way to buy and/or look for property, firstly to cover such a variety of countries without offices in them is impossible. A local agent, or broker agent in the country or area you are looking in would be a most better option than this, you’ll get up to the date information and much more information than dealing via, what’s effectively a property portal service.


For us the best and most efficient way to view property is with a Full broker agent especially if you haven’t been to the country very often and are still open to different area’s, you can be guided through different locations different price brackets and filter down your search that way. Of course even if you know the area you want it can be beneficial to work with a broker agent as they will be able to line up a larger range of properties for you with all the main agents of that area rather than having to go find them yourself and arrange different appointments with each one, starting from scratch in terms of requirements and personal taste.

One of the key benefits of a larger broker agent is the option of subsidised viewing trips which are a great way to find a property with the minimal of fuss and hassle.  You can read about Infinito Real inspection trips here if you’re interested.


To see a full range of properties for sale in the Algarve take a look at our website, which is constantly updated with new listings and information on buying property in the Algarve.

Algarve Property Buyer’s Guide : Sample page

August 30th, 2013

Buying a Property in the Algarve?


Our FREE property buyers guide is a terrific read for anyone looking at buying here in the Algarve. It cover’s a while range of area’s from mortgages distressed sales and all buying costs and process’ explained.

Below is a sample from the Guide which show’s our recommendations for the year, along with this there’s lots of other useful area information and a selection of great Algarve properties for sale at the moment.


To download your copy, just CLICK HERE and follow the instructions no registration or forms to fill in!



Property Guide Area Recommendations

Area Recommendations : Sample page from our Property Buyers Guide

Vilamoura Property for Sale : Top Picks August 2013

August 29th, 2013


Vilamoura Algarve Property Sales : 3 of the best

With it’s huge marina, 5 top top golf courses, multiple luxury 5 star hotel’s and wonderful selection of restaurants summer night life and boutique stores Vilamoura property is a commodity that many have been investing in over the last few years and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We’ve put together some of the most popular locations / developments in the area  right now:


Vila Rosa Golf Vilamoura – 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

Image Gallery (Slideshow)

Villa Rosa Golf Vilamoura


These luxury apartments which have been repossessed by the bank offer a tremendous location. Just a short walk to the marina and Falesia beach with golf course and sea views from each terrace.

Finished to a luxury standard and previous sold for over €400,000 these apartments represent a great investment and also come with preferential mortgage conditions for non resident buyers.


Click here for more information


Victoria Gardens, Vilamoura – 2 Bedroom Apartments for Sale

Image Gallery (Slideshow)

Victoria Gardens Vilamoura


Built by the largest developer in Vilamoura, Lusort. Now reduced by up to a massive 50% for the remaining 10 apartments they are a fantastic deal. Complete with full builders guarantee and warranty peace of mind is assured. Overlooking the Victoria Golf course and just a short walk to the club house and the 5 star Tivoli Victoria hotel there’s enough close by to not feel isolated, although a car may be preferable to get to the marina and back otherwise there’s a great cycle track if you prefer the healthy route!

Click here for more information



Palmyra Villa Sol, Vilamoura – 2 Bedroom Apartment(s) for Sale

Image Gallery (Slideshow)

Palmyra Villa Sol


Luxury ground floor apartments for sale, with extra bedroom along with stunning top floor apartments with private roof terrace’s in the most luxurious golf resort in the area. These apartments, which are offered for sale direct from the bank are just fantastic. Immaculately maintained condominiums with gated security, perfect for family holidays with the added incentive of huge rental income as well.

Click here for more information

Algarve Property Market Update

August 26th, 2013

Algarve's amazing Coast line

The Algarve property market for the passed month has been relatively typical of the usual summer period. Lots of last minute phone call’s to view properties that tend to be rented!  For most agents here the summer is a mixed bag, although there are always a number of sales going through a lot of the time it’s about getting to know future client’s requirements and desires.

With the rental market buoyant at the moment, which is really one of the best perks of owning in the Algarve, it’s incredibly difficult to view any property in a rental location. Unless the property is actually lived in year round, by the seller of course, then it’s often an impossibility to view the inside and sadly we find it difficult to actually sell many properties without being able to see inside.

What we’ve seen this summer however is a firm increase in buyers booking to come over on “serious” property viewing trips for the remainder of the year, having already booked up all of September and most of October already it’s the clearest sign yet that, finally, people are realising there will soon be a shortage of property which will result in a price increase.

Our expectations for the latter part of the year are very positive and would almost certainly expect an improvement for the passed 2 years for sure, which is great news for lots of vendors looking to upgrade their current property or move back home.

If you’re thinking about looking at property here in the next few months, please drop us a line and ask about our Viewing Trip packages, the best way to view property in the Algarve in a serious, yet relaxed manner.


Vale do Lobo 2 Bed Apartment

August 24th, 2013

Jardins do Golfe, Vale do Lobo, Central Algarve : €250,000


Fantastic 2 Bedroom Apartment in Vale do Lobo, in a fantastic condominium with huge swimming pool with cascading water fall with classic pool bar serving food and drinks.

The apartment consists of 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite), Large Lounge/ Dining Room, Fully Equipped Kitchen and a large outdoor terrace.
The apartment has access to large peaceful garden areas throughout and also a stunning pool area with adult and children’s swimming pools. The is also a playground for children and a poolside bar which serves food during the summer season. The development is also next to a popular tennis centre for those that enjoy playing the sport and lessons for those that wish to learn.

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Definitely worth a visit!
Have a closer look at the video  :


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