/Portugal: a warm climate even in extreme conditions
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Portugal: a warm climate even in extreme conditions

Portugal: a warm climate even in extreme conditions

The last few days witnessed an unusual meteorological phenomenon over Europe that suffered a severe cold wave nicknamed “The Beast From the East”, as it came from Siberia – and at the same time a subtropical cyclone, categorised and Storm Emma, coming from the Atlantic. Portugal was not immune to the effects of these blizzardous days. However, all in all, you can conclude that, once again, it was proved that its climate can be remarkably warm and stable.

Storm Emma caused some damage…

The Storm Emma caused severe damage throughout Western Europe, mainly in shorelines of Portugal, France and the British Isles. In Portugal, and quite unusually, shores towards South were the most affected, due to the movement of Emma (typically, it’s the Western coast that faces North Atlantic storms). This provoked the quite rare spectacle of gale winds and high waves in Algarve, causing some damage in Portimão, and also a mini-tornado in Faro. In the Setúbal and Cascais areas, the shores also felt the wrath of the storm.

…but the Beast didn’t get here

This has been the most severe cold wave of the last years, with heavy snow in almost all of Europe and the temperatures dropping some 10 to 20ºC below the average for this time of the year. There was chaos everywhere, people skiing in Amsterdams channels, more than 20 dead in Poland and the British Isles were covered in snow.

However, in Portugal, all you got was the usual snow day in the “highlands” (like they’re called in Portuguese, “terras altas”) of the North and Centre. Cities like Bragança, Guarda and Vila Real got a few hours of snow, mainly on Wednesday. The next day, everything was back to normal.

The rest of the country got no snow, as usual. Some heavy showers, strong winds, but no snow.

Warm weather even in spite of the tremendous conditions that affected is a sound proof of how pleasant the Portuguese climate can be, and especially in Algarve.

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