/Neymar spends time in Algarve
Neymar in Olhao Algarve

Neymar spends time in Algarve

Neymar Jr, the “eternal promise” of international football, is at a crossroads in his career. Being apparently on his way out of French side PSG, the Brazilian spent some days in Algarve, enjoying the sunshine.

Surprise appearance at Olhão Seafood Festival

Neymar was a big surprise when he appeared on the stage of a concert of the Olhão Seafood Festival. But the reason was easy to understand. Being a longtime friend of fellow Brazilian singer Paula Fernandes, he took the opportunity of her acting in Olhão to meet her personally. Both shared some “happy times” pictures in social media, and he got the chance of singing “Shallow”, the acclaimed music of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, with Fernandes.

The PSG player (at the time this article is being written, at least) also took the chance to spend a day on a boat trip on the Algarvian coast. A kind of program that can be easily accessed by any tourist visiting the region. There was even time to take some pictures with Dolores Aveiro, the well-known mother of Cristiano Ronaldo.

An uncertain career

Neymar is a puzzling character of international football. He was once presented as the “Next Big Thing” of Brazil and a possible successor of Messi and Ronaldo. But he has failed to convert the fame and hype into actual wins, both individually and collectively. The hardest critics say that he does not have the same work ethic as the rivals mentioned above. They point the time spent in nightlife, poker games and the lack of commitment in his clubs as evidence for this. At FC Barcelona, to where he might return, Bulgarian legend Hristo Stoichkov says that he would be “a bomb in the locker room” and the club should not get him back.

Admittedly, this new episode of uncertainty (travelling and enjoying summer while the football season has already started) will add arguments to his critics. Notwithstanding, Algarve is always welcoming international superstars.

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