/Local festivals: the other Algarve

Local festivals: the other Algarve

Local festivals: the other Algarve

Summer has arrived, and both tourists and expat residents in the Algarve couldn’t be happier with the warm, sunny weather and everything else that gives them the perfect time. Moreover, aside from the beaches, the sea and the sun, the Algarve is giving them local festivals that provide for a perfect break.

Has been: Lagoa Wine Show

In Lagoa, the municipality decided to take the Wine Show from the Center of Events to the town historical centre. The idea was a huge success, with thousands of people flocking to the streets to taste the best Portuguese wines, from all the over the country. The highlight was for the Algarvian wines themselves, which are having a proper recognition lately (as the Algarve is not a traditional wine region like Douro, Dão or even Alentejo).

Coming next: “Festival do Bacalhau” (Codfish Festival)

Festival do Bacalhau

The village of Alcantarilha, in Silves municipality, will set up its first Codfish Festival. The event will happen in the incoming weekend of July 13th and 14th (Friday and Saturday) and then returns in the weekend after (Saturday, 21st). The event will have a 5 euros ticket, which includes a codfish cake (“pastel de bacalhau”) and a glass of white wine, and is organised by Casa do Povo de Alcantarilha, a local village society.

Algarve’s festivals: breaking the routine and discovering the country

For those who appreciate Portuguese gastronomy and wines, or are curious about them and want to learn more, this kind of festivals is a splendid opportunity to make more about your Algarvian experience. Events organised by the Town Halls or in coordination with them, like the Lagoa Wine Show, usually appear a little more professional than those who are held by parishes or local clubs like Casa do Povo de Alcantarilha. We could add that these last ones are definitively outside the usual routes of “premium” and “gourmet” gastronomy, defined by the work of high-end chefs which are helping to make Algarve known worldwide.

But these events also help you to discover the genuine and popular Portuguese people that are working directly at then. If you want a place with little to none marketing, far from being crowded, and with the best dishes of “bacalhau” and the best wines, you should try events like these – they are at the heart of what means to live in Portugal and to be among the people of Algarve.