/Followbirds: the new app for birdwatchers in Algarve

Followbirds: the new app for birdwatchers in Algarve

Followbirds: the new app for birdwatchers in Algarve

There is a new smartphone aiming to be used by birdwatchers in Algarve. “Followbirds” includes information about 400 birds living in the region, including not only their looks, habits or where can they be mostly found, but also the kind of sounds they do.

Aside from the sounds, which can be very useful to birdwatchers (because it is usual that they hear the bird before they see it), the app also comes as a very handy tool because of the amount of information available to birdwatchers. This way, they avoid having to carry heavy books, which can always be a hindrance while doing long kilometres in the wild.

Moreover, the app also includes information about several routes in Algarve, the best season to watch each kind of bird, and so forth. There are plans to develop the app into a reference for all of Portugal, including the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores, and eventually also and Spain and the rest of Europe.

The creators of the platform add that they are seeking tour operators willing to help them develop the app and promote their services in it, for free. They also say that most of the downloads have been made by British users.

Algarve is an inspiration

The app was developed by two non-Portuguese: Barbara Pintar, 31 year old student from Slovenia, and Jordi Sabat, 40 year old IT technician from Spain. Barbara was studying Communication Design for Tourism and Culture (Master) at University of Algarve when she came up with the idea. According to Barbara, quoted by the Portugal Resident website, she wanted to develop a “practical, light, simple and dynamic tool that allowed them to access all the information they need on the spot”.  Aside any other considerations, this news is proof of something that everyone visiting Algarve can feel: that living, studying or travelling into Algarve is inspirating.

The app is available for Android; it is soon expected to be for iOS too.