/Covid third wave definitely behind in Algarve

Covid third wave definitely behind in Algarve

The pandemic’s third wave, grossly running between January and February of 2021, took a severe toll in Portugal. However, by now, the worst scenario is behind. On March 5th, the official numbers delivered 949 new infections and 28 deaths, way below the around daily 200 deaths and 10,000 new cases that the country was witnessing in late January.

As usual since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, Algarve is a tranquil place to be. The region has had several occasional days without a single loss, and the daily new cases are between 20 and 30 for the whole of the area.

Portugal ended up tackling it successfully

A surge of criticism hit the Portuguese government after being unable to predict the pandemic’s strong eruption in middle and late January. However, the country was able to successfully fight the situation. According to the Johns Hopkins University (United States), on March 3rd, Portugal was the European country with less new cases confirmed per million inhabitants, taking the previous seven days into account, with 84.62. The United Kingdom was fourth in the list, with 106.09, demonstrating that the lockdown produced excellent effects.

At the opposite end was the Czech Republic, with 1129.97 new cases per million inhabitants in the previous seven days. This happens three weeks after the Czech Parliament refused to approve a renovation of a state of emergency (which would be imposed later, nonetheless).

Reopening in sight?

However, given the extent of the third wave crisis, the Portuguese government is being extra cautious regarding the lockdown’s ease. Further measures will only be announced on March 11th.

The vaccines success and the government determination in curbing the pandemic mean that Algarve could go for a good Summer. As of March 5th, the region’s got 20,180 cases and 344 deaths since the beginning, in March 2020.