/Carnival of Loulé will feature the Web Summit
Carnival of Loulé 2018 Algarve

Carnival of Loulé will feature the Web Summit

Carnival of Loulé will feature the Web Summit

Carnival is arriving, and the organisers of the Loulé celebration have already announced their main subject. The Central Algarve city will feature a parade about the Web Summit, the world technology fair and “happening” that have visited Lisbon for the last couple of years and will happen again in 2018. The parade will “occupy” the streets of Loulé during all the three days of Carnival, between Sunday, February 11th, and Tuesday, 13th.

According to newspaper Diário de Notícias, the allegoric cars will feature other social and political satire mentions, including the problems between Portuguese main football clubs, the appointment of the Finance Minister, Mário Centeno, as President of the Eurogroup, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Carnival of Loulé - Algarve

Carnival of Loulé: a must of Algarve winter

Carnival celebrations are a century-long tradition in many Portuguese cities, towns, and villages. In its Portuguese way, includes a street parade (“desfile” or “corso”, as they call it) with allegoric cars, usually with satirical messages and meanings, and groups of people dancing and celebrating behind and between them. Typically, you can also find Carnival balls and other night parties.

Some particular cities have established themselves as Carnival icons and even included the Carnival season as part of their local, municipal identity. Aside from the cosmopolitan Funchal Carnival in Madeira Island, Portugal mainland meets their biggest “foliões” (revelers) in cities like Ovar, Estarreja, Torres Vedras and also Loulé – which is by far the most popular Carnival celebration in Algarve. Moreover, if you’re expecting a simple copycat of the Rio de Janeiro carnival, that is not the case – the Portuguese traditions are as old, or even more than their Brazilian counterparts. Notwithstanding, you may be exposed to some Brazilian samba and “marchinhas” music, as they’ve become international hymns of the season.

Local expats and tourists who enjoy partying will have plenty of opportunities to make the most of their time during the Carnival season around Loulé. And even if you’re not fond of late night partying, the day parades will be enjoying moments, regarding local culture and traditions.