/Almond blossoms: 1000 people walking in Algarve

Almond blossoms: 1000 people walking in Algarve

Almond blossoms: 1000 people walking in Algarve

The small village of Alta Mora, in Castro Marim (Eastern Algarve), held two walks at the beginning of February through the countryside. The main goal was to visit the almond blossoms.

Between late Winter and early Spring, the almond trees become white and pink, blossoming and preparing for the summer. The unusual and beautiful show motivates people to come from afar.

The three routes, for different levels of difficulty (2,5 miles, 5 miles and 7,5 miles), allowed visitors to go across “valleys, hills, streams and fields”, according to Portugal Resident.

The tickets, costing 14 €, included meals, snacks, insurance and a souvenir. After lunch, there was live music and a fair with local. About 1000 people attended both events.

Why is this relevant?

Most people wouldn’t perhaps care much about going to a given region specifically to see something like the almond blossoms. This is another variant of nature tourism that attracts people to the countryside and any time of the year, like birdwatching, cycling or pedestrianism in general. Given the Portuguese tradition of visiting the almond blossoms, this might well be considered as an element to give further strength to the tourism strategy of Algarve.

In Japan, visiting the cherry blossom in late Spring is a huge phenomenon. According to the Japan Times, about 2,5 million foreign visitors travelled to the land of the Rising Sun to awe themselves to the natural spectacle, wandering throughout the alleys of blooming trees. Of course, you must consider the growing numbers of the middle class of countries like China and South Korea and the cultural significance of the cherry blossom in Eastern Asia.

Yet, who knows what the future might bring to the Algarvian almond blossoms? If you’re looking for good reasons to visit Algarve in the Winter, aside from the warm weather (current February has been relatively mild), this could be one.