/Algarve: Uber Eats arrives

Algarve: Uber Eats arrives

Uber Eats, the popular food delivery service, has arrived in Algarve. According to Portugal Resident, the service will now perform in the central region around Loulé and Faro, including the neighbouring municipality of Olhão and also Quarteira.

The company statement, quoted by Portugal Resident, adds “Tertúlia Algarvia in Faro, 7 imeio in Olhão, 11 da Vila in Loulé and Burgers & Bowls in Quarteira”, as well as McDonald’s and not excluding several other restaurants.

The service is available for 2,90 € (£2,50 at current exchange) and deliveries of no more than 30 minutes. The app was already available in Portugal’s main cities of Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Coimbra.

Algarve keeps attracting service businesses

Uber Eats move can be considered quite obvious and predictable, given the natural dynamism of Algarvian economy, due to tourism. About a month ago, we mentioned that Bolt (former Taxify) was being launched in the region, to compete against Uber and Cabify.

At the same time, the German retail brand Lidl was opening a new supermarket in the village of Boliqueime, which could be considered a little surprising as Lidl usually sticks with cities and towns, and not with villages; the move was evidence for the attractiveness of Algarve for service, tertiary businesses.

For Uber, the extension of its service to include the food delivery to Algarve was certainly a no-brainer, especially given the urban, international and cosmopolitan target, including expats as well as tourists. By launching in May, Uber Eats is getting to the time-to-market, to make the most of the high season of tourism as Summer is approaching.

Although the Uber Eats statement doesn’t mention it, the company is probably working on expanding its services to the rest Algarve as soon as possible, and especially in Portimão, which makes the other large urban area of Algarve, aside from the Faro-Loulé “metropolitan area”.