/Algarve high season: Bonnie Tyler and agile security

Algarve high season: Bonnie Tyler and agile security

The high season of tourism in Algarve is now in full swing. It is time for some typical “happenings” aiming to make tourists, as well as second home residents and expats, feel more entertained and safer, too.

Bonnie Tyler to perform in Albufeira

At 68 years old, and celebrating a 50-year long career, the world-famous Welsh singer is scheduled to perform in Albufeira on August 20th, for the Algarvian city Municipal Day. Speaking to the Portugal Resident website, Bonnie promised to show all her “old hit songs” and a few new songs to the Albufeira crowd. You can expect “Holding out for a Hero”, “It’s a Heartache” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart.

While being an excellent choice from the Albufeira celebrations organizer, it is also a natural one. Bonnie is an Algarve fan, having visited it for the first time in 1976 and bought a house in 1978. She mentions “Algarve’s fabulous beaches, the wonderful people, the food, and very good wine too”, as well as tons of “happy holidays” spent with her family. To perform in Algarve was an old wish from her, that will come true next month.

“Mobile police” in Alvor

The seaside, fishing village of Alvor, near Portimão, gets a considerable increase in population during the tourism high-season. The GNR (National Republican Guard) is responding with a “mobile station”, to function in an adequate van, parked in a central spot of the village. According to Portugal Resident, the station will be there between 6 pm and 12 pm, precisely to increase the feeling of security early in the night, when some people might incur in excesses.

The GNR stations of Portimão and Lagos are relatively near. But the local presence of a small contingent, being able to intervene immediately in low scale situations, is also a good deterrent for that kind of issues.