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Algarve has a new beach

Algarve has a new beach

Algarve has officially a new beach. If you thought that Portugal’s golden province could not grow further, here’s a surprise for you. Of course, this did not come out of nowhere; the sandy shoreline already existed, and there was a growing number of people going there.

And that’s the point. A strip of shore between Altura and Monte Gordo, while being demanded by tourists searching for a right spot, was not officially considered as a beach and had no lifeguards, no sun beds and no infrastructure whatsoever. The municipality of Castro Marim took on an administrative change of the “Vilamoura-Vila Real de Santo António Coastal Plan” to regulate an area previously known as “Primas Beach” but that, without any urban development around, was out of the official plans.

People were going to find less populated areas of Algarvian shoreline, but the rising numbers already justified turning the area into a proper beach. Moreover, the lack of signalling meant people were taking a wrong way to get there, through neighbouring Altura Beach, adding to the confusion around the area in sunny days of Summer.


Verdelago Beach

The area, which will now be called Verdelago Beach, will have proper signalling and directions, together with the mandatory lifeguards and sun beds. The beach bar or restaurant won’t be available immediately, but the City Hall, according to the Portuguese news website NIT, will launch a public contest to have one next year.

Quality, quality

The Algarvians – public authorities, private companies and service providers, people in general – are acutely aware of the need of turning their region into a quality tourism destination. This simple and straightforward move by the City Hall of Castro Marim is proof of this. People are keeping an eye on details and don’t want to appear as amateurish of disregarding opportunities to improve the experience of the visitors.