/10 things to do in Algarve, this August

10 things to do in Algarve, this August

Perhaps the highest and strongest tourism month of the year in Algarve, August shows lots of things to do, to locals, expats and tourists. Here you have a list, compiled by the Portuguese magazine Visão, of 15 things to do in Algarve, over this month. We have selected the 10 Best for Foreigners.

Medieval Fair of Silves

Medieval tournaments, historical costumes, music, food and “taverns” of great food and drinks. Silves was once the Islamic capital of Algarve and one of the biggest cities in the Iberian Peninsula. From 9th to 18th.

Sea Food Festival, Olhão

Also between August 9th and 18th, the festival will include music concerts.


The biggest fair and exhibition of Algarve, with about 700 companies showing their products and services. It goes through the second half of the month.

Sardine Festival, Portimão

From August 7th to 11th, the festival mixes the concerts and animation in the city centre with the sardine menu of nine adherent restaurants.

Arts and Flavours at Mexilhoeira Grande

Willing to try the traditional Algarve, beyond the main cities and the beaches? You’ll find crafts, marching, gymnastics and food in this parish a few miles from Portimão. From August 9th to 11th.

Sardine Festival, Albufeira

Sardine is queen in Portuguese gastronomy, so it’s no surprise you find more than one festival having this delicacy as the main subject. The Olhos d’ Água Beach, in Albufeira, gets this one from 8th to 10th. Have you ever tried the sardine the Portuguese way, with just a bread?

Photo Ark exhibition in Vilamoura

The work of Joel Sartore, photographer of National Geographic, will be shown at the Marina of Vilamoura, until September 30th.

Outdoor Cinema in Tavira

Hirokazu Kooreda, Spike Lee and Jean-Luc Godard are among the directors featured in this short festival. Until August 11th.

Folk Faro

Street shows and dance workshops comprise the program of this festival, which has folk music and dance, from around the world, as the subject. Starts on August 17th.

“Swim 29”, Lagoa

An ancient tradition says that you should swim at midnight on August 29th. In past centuries, people from the rural hills (the “Inner Algarve”) took to the beach on the night of 28th to an oceanic dive. The tradition was revived, and tourists get music, sports and more during the afternoon and evening of the 28th.