/The 21 reasons why Britons will return to Portugal after the pandemic

The 21 reasons why Britons will return to Portugal after the pandemic

In a news article, The Telegraph has chosen the 20 reasons that will bring tourists to Portugal as soon as the pandemic allows it. We’ll sum up and add an extra and crucial one.

  1. “Pastéis de Nata”, the “little custard tart, with a delicate dusting of cinnamon”, which is omnipresent in every café in the country.
  2. Beaches. Mary Lussiana, the article’s author, points to Algarve as the country’s first reference for beaches, of course.
  3. Wine. Ask for Portuguese wines during your stay: Douro, Alentejo, Setúbal, Bairrada, Dão, Lisboa and the “Green Wines” of Minho.
  4. Tiles. Pay attention to this unique Portuguese feature in building decoration.
  5. Markets. Try out the markets of Portimão and Loulé and find out the quality of the products you can get there.
  6. Surfing. Find excellent beaches for it in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park.
  7. Soap. Lussiana suggests Claus Porto and Benamor 1925 shops, in Porto and Lisbon respectively.
  8. Coffee. Once you taste the potent and tasty espressos that can be found in thousands of cafes throughout the country, you won’t want anything else.
  9. Churches. Pay your visit to the 18th century São Lourenço church in Almancil.
  10. The light (and the deep blue sky).
  11. Olive oil. Don’t forget to spray your meals with it. It’s going to be like coffee. Even more than wine, olive oil is what makes you feel to be in the Mediterranean, the ancient Greco-Roman world.
  12. The cultural heritage.
  13. Handcraft. The author points to Alentejo: “pink marble quarried near Estremoz”, “clay figurines” in Evora, “weave wool in Monsaraz”.
  14. Walking trails. The Algarvian Route is a fantastic challenge!
  15. Port wine (and Madeira).
  16. Cheese. In line with what we have said about coffee and olive oil. Portugal does not have as many cheese varieties as France, but the diversity is the same: from the “butter-like” ones to those more solid and acid, a delicacy to hard tasters only.
  17. Blossom.
  18. Food
  19. Festivals (which, unfortunately, are at a stand-by due to Covid-19).
  20. Golf, of course, as Algarve is the best golf region of Continental Europe and one of the best in the world.
  21. The Algarvian Covid-19 numbers, which have to be considered a success, with only 15 deceased people in a population of 450.000 inhabitants.