/Spending the pandemic days in Algarve

Spending the pandemic days in Algarve

Campers and trailer people from several countries are flocking to Algarve to spend the current lockdown period. Despite the concerning pandemic numbers that hit Portugal in January, these people told the Portuguese national newspaper Público that they find here what they’re looking: a good set for remote working, being in nature and the general sense of security that one can find in Algarve.

Expats, some retired and some quite busy

Público went to the “Eco Camp” in the Vila do Bispo borough, the Southwesternmost one of Algarve, Portugal – and Europe. That’s where one can visit the Sagres and St. Vincent capes and their beautiful landscapes. The newspaper found that, along with the usual retired expats enjoying the sun, there are now digital nomads, mainly between 40 and 45 years old, working remotely from there. The silence, the tranquillity and the stable wireless internet connections generate the perfect setting for remote workers.

Joaquim Lourenço, the “Eco Camp” owner, mentioned that he made a substantial investment in internet infrastructure to answer to this growing need. There’s no fear of internet shortages or unstable connection.

Camping in Winter

Portuguese people seldom choose Winter to go camping. But lately, there seems to be a new trend in the Algarvian camping parks: foreigners coming in the coldest days of the year. Of course, the Algarvian Winter is way more sunny and warm that it’s North European counterpart. The pandemic increased this trend, as people –remote workers, expats or even students – can bring their vans, find themselves surrounded by trees and easily keep their distance from others.

Fighting the pandemic

British camper Richard Everton adds that fighting the pandemic is precisely an excellent reason to come to Algarve. Everton told Público that “in the United Kingdom people are not listening to the government” and that in Portugal, people “are using masks and making everything clean”.