/Internations: Portugal has the best quality of life in the world for expats
Portugal the best for Expats

Internations: Portugal has the best quality of life in the world for expats

Portugal is the 3rd best country in the world for expats. In one of the selected criteria, life quality, it is deemed as the number one of the planet. The results came from the yearly survey of Internations, which surveyed 20.259 expats, from 187 countries and territories and of 182 nationalities, to create the Expat Insider 2019 report.

In the general ranking, Portugal loses only to Vietnam (2nd) and Taiwan (1st), which means the country is Europe’s best in general, too. The country repeats the European first place it had achieved last year.

“Highly recommended”

The Internations website dedicates a section of the Expat Insider 2019 to Portugal, classifying the country as highly recommended. 83% of respondents said it is easy to settle in Portugal, and 51% stay they will likely stay forever.

The attitude towards foreigners is quite praised. 87% of respondents say the attitude is at least good, while 57% go on to say it’s very good. The world average is 65% and 27%, respectively.

Portugal is ranking in the top-10 in several subcategories:

– Leisure Options: 2nd

– Personal Happiness: 2nd

– Health & Well-Being: 7th

– Safety & Security: 8th

The Safety & Security result goes along the findings of the Global Peace Index, which deemed Portugal as the 3rd safest country in the world.

The worst results for Portugal in this ranking are related to the macroeconomic perspectives, and with the recent and past economic history of the country (which got a late industrialization process). Portugal got only 46% satisfaction with career prospects and 51% with job security, both lower than the world average.

Nonetheless, the Expat Insider 2019 by Internations is another evidence, among many ones, demonstrating that Portugal is a safe and wise bet for expats, second-home residents and investors.

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