/British tourists are travelling to Portugal
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British tourists are travelling to Portugal

According to The Telegraph, a significant number of British tourists is ignoring the recommendations of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). Despite the inclusion of Portugal in the British government’s “red list” regarding the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are coming – and likely because they deem that inclusion as “unfair”, as mentioned by Portugal Resident a few days. Portugal has been controlling the pandemic in a highly positive way over the last two months.


Turismo de Portugal had already announced, on August 4th, new travel insurance for foreign tourists, which is “adapted to the new pandemic reality caused by Covid-19”. The offering is accessible at http://portugaltravelinsurance.com/.

The insurance will be another strong argument for the British government to finally lift the “ban” on Portugal, i.e., the mandatory 14-day quarantine for travellers returning to England from Portugal. Still according to The Telegraph, “a Whitehall member” said that Portugal had made a lot of progress”, but the reassessment takes “weeks rather than days”. It is expected, nonetheless, that the “air bridge” between both countries may be established very soon.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Público, the country can reach the barrier of 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants soon, therefore becoming eligible to the removal of most travel limits from European countries.

The Portugal Resident website also spoke with the director of a local insurance company, Bónus Seguros, who said that he had to “set up a task force” to deal with a sudden and strong increase on inquiries, regarding the new insurance announce by the Turismo de Portugal. According to the director, “90% of the 1000 inquiries” he received in a single day came “from England”.

A feeling of confusion

Portugal Resident added that it appears to be some confusion at the flight returns in British airports. A passenger told the website that not everyone is being asked to fill a supposedly mandatory Passenger Locator Form at the arrival at Gatwick. And according to The Telegraph, some British are turning into digital nomads, at least temporarily, aiming to stay in Portugal for a longer period.