Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Property Highlight Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale – Read about a stunning villa on the hillside in Almancil, Algarve for sale. By real estate broke IRG Property.

Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale. With all the fuss over contemporary design villas with their straight lines and clean open finishes. This tastefully finished villa offers a different take on elegance and charm.  Something that oozes throughout its delightfully free-flowing floor plan. Not to mention the rolling multi leveled gardens. All the whilst bathed in sun light with a Southerly orientation.  With a glimpse of a sea view it’s just about as idyllic a setting one could ask for.

The electric gates lead you up the imposing drive way. Which in turn forks right towards the double garages or straight ahead to the entrance.  The front door is something of a feature in itself at 3ms tall.  A tiled mosaic feature on the stair case leading up to the door fills you with a sense grandeur before even setting foot inside.

The property

The double doors lead onto the grand entrance hall.  From here you have a staircase leading down to the guest wing. Along with the basement, wine cellar and garage.  Whilst upwards you have the master suite with its exuberant bathroom. Featuring a grand shower, Jacuzzi bath and finished in luxurious stone and tile.  The master suite opens onto a huge terrace which looks across the countryside and the grounds. As well as the pool area. Bathed in sunlight it’s an excellent position to start the day or indeed end it.

Remain on the ground floor and you have a modern fitted kitchen with natural light in abundance. Direct access to the living area and also the hallway. With  the deck and pool area across the hall.  Into the living area, which is HUGE.  Inset lighting throughout is supported by three patio doors that lead directly onto the pool area. Whilst offering views to the gardens and beyond.  In the far corner of this regal themed room you also have a fireplace, ideal for those chilly winter nights.

Outside this property continues to impress. A large 10m x 5m heated swimming pool being the focal point. Surrounded by deck and a raised covered patio area.  There is a BBQ area and ample lush gardens on a split level with beautiful flower beds running around the entirety property.

This property is an ideal family home with everything one would expect in a property of this caliber.

View our video here or click-through to the website for more information – ID 3268 Vale Formoso.


Selling your property in the Algarve?

How to sell your property in the Algarve

If you’re interested in selling your property in the Algarve, then you are highly recommend to use the services of a professional,  licensed estate agent. Such as ourselves. There’s simply no reason to employ a non licensed, “freelance” or in other words, illegal agent. Considering the importance of the matter.


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Our commitment to you is to uphold the highest standards of professionalism whilst helping you make the best real estate decisions.

Comprehensive marketing & sales strategy for selling your property

  1. An in depth and thorough analysis of your property. Using comparable properties in the immediate vicinity. Including properties recently sold as well as those on the market to establish the value of your home.
  2. Recommendation on the price point for your property, based on the above market assessment.
  3. Widespread publication of your property throughout Europe. Featuring on leading property portals. As well as our own compilation of websites.
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Through many thousands of sales, we have fine tuned a system that makes the selling process easy, straight forward and painless for you. We walk each seller through the entire sales process step by step. Up to and including the final deeds and beyond.

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Good property deal?

Is it only the sales price that constitutes a good property deal?IRG Property Portugal

A great question one should really think long and hard about before answering.  Of course for most buyers the simple response will be “yes, I want a big discount on the (asking)price”.  Are they wrong to think like this?

In some cases, yes, yes they are.  If the sales price is lower than average, lower than comparable properties in the same area then the price is good already, and that could be interpreted as a good deal based on the price.  The amount of negotiation on the advertised sales price is NOT a good indicator of how good a deal a buyer may be getting, let’s face it many properties are way, way over priced to offer discounts, that’s not a good deal (even though some buyers may believe it is).

Let’s look at an example ;

  • Property 1 : Sales Price €150,000 no negotiation is possible as the sellers must sell for this price.
  • Property 2 : Sales price €200,000 negotiable to €160,000, 20% “discount”

Assuming both properties are equal in every possible way, which one is the better deal?  Undoubtedly property 1 is the better deal, if there was even any hesitation in your thought process here please slap yourself.

Although a potential buyer may feel like property 2 is better value for money, due to the great discount they managed to negotiate this is a fake discount and they are in fact paying over the odds even with a 20% discount.

What’s clear with these situations is you need to trust your estate agent otherwise you’re likely to lose opportunities due to being unaware of all the facts in a transaction, like the example above.  Some agencies price the properties higher deliberately to allow for negotiation, and frankly this is sensible based on our hypothetical buyer’s mindset, but in those instances when the price is the price you must heed your agents advise and go along with what they say, if you don’t trust that advise find another agent simple.

Bottom line, yes the price is what constitutes a good property deal NOT the discount off the asking price don’t be confused.

Getting the right property…

Do you have an intention to buy a Property in the Algarve close to the coast, in Lagos for example, but would like a lower price range? Well, find some of our suggestions below with fantastic areas only a few miles from the coast…

All these locations (Lagos, Albufeira, Vilamoura) have inland alternatives, if buyers don’t need to be 2 minutes from the beach then there’s some great properties 10 minutes away from the coasts in each of these locations.

Albufeira : Ferreiras is approx. 3 miles away from Albufeira center, and offer’s a huge increase in value for money.  The easiest comparison between the two certainly that we’ve seen over the last 12 months has been for the price of an older apartment in Albufeira you can buy a brand new townhouse with two or three times the space in Ferrieras.  Prices for a 3 bed townhouse, with communal pool here would be from €165,000.

Vilamoura : Boliqueime is just a few miles out of the town of Vilamoura, and although it would not be considered “cheap” it certainly offers better value for money and is also very popular in its own right due to it being just a few minutes from both Vilamoura as well as Albufeira.  Villas here would still be around €300,000, with townhouses a much cheaper option from the €190,000’s.

Lagos : As Lagos is a much larger town, there’s much more choice than say Vilamoura here. And with this, the range of prices is also much larger.  You can buy an apartment from €100,000 here just a 10 minute walk to the beach in a residential area (no pool), villa’s are still expensive in the main town however as there is little land here now, so again the outlying areas such as Odiaxere could well be a great alternative, with a traditional and typical Portuguese town center with a lovely park style square in the center and small shops and restaurants lining the landscaped streets, prices are much lower here. You can pick up a villa in this area from the low €200,000’s, opposed to Lagos centres’ €350,000 +


Lovely 3 bed apartment for Sale in Vilamoura

Lovely 3 bed apartment for Sale in Vilamoura

Vilamoura 3 bed apartment for Sale

This 3 bedroom, totally refurbished, apartment in the heart of Vilamoura is an absolute bargain at just €140,000. In a prime location just 10 minutes walk from the marina and the beach it’s ideal for a holiday home or for investment purposes.  This area rent’s particularly well and is well established with well developed landscaping all around the many different neighbouring properties as well as many grand detached villa’s.  As well as being a nice scenic walk to the marina there’s also a number of little restaurants bars and shops in between so you never have to go far if you want a quick sandwich or Super Bock away from the busy marina.

Inside the property has been completely refurbished from top to bottom, the area’s are a good size and offer plenty of space in each bedroom, along with built in wardrobes. The master bedroom is also en suite. All the appliances are included and are also brand new.

For this price and this location there is really nothing better.  View more photo’s on our website : 3 bed apartment for sale in Vilamoura €140,000 

For more information on this property please contact us!

Beach Apartments – Welcome to Algarvian paradise!

The Lagos Santa Maria beach front comprises of two beautiful beaches: the larger Porto de Mos and the smaller Praia do Canavial. Both beaches are separated by a small cliff head land.

Porto de Mos is very popular, a family friendly beach that provides clean bathing waters… And if you would like to wake up with this fantastic view, just pick up the flip-flops and jump in the sea, this can be your paradise home!


Fantastic development on initial stage of construction in the desirable area of Porto de Mós, Lagos. Two stores condominium with only 8 apartments makes it very private and exclusive.Build in a high quality standard, one of the best locations in the Algarve.

There is a limited number of units available. If you dream about on owning a beach front property in the Algarve, here is the opportunity!

Algarve Property Sales start the year strong


The Algarve has seen a very strong start of the year with property sales returning to a very positive levels,  as well as rentals and hotel occupancy.

After more than three years of house prices decreasing due to the state of the economy, Portugal’s property market is now improving and prices are beginning to escalate.

According to Statistics Portugal (INE) property prices have increased in the first quarter of 2014 and this trend is set to continue over the next 5 years.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have also confirmed this fact as highlighted in a recent article in the British newspaper, The Telegraph. The OECD  in their latest study, they highlighted that property markets in Australia and France are overpriced yet Portugal’s properties are undervalued.

New buyers under the golden visa program have boosted the luxury real estate prices. These “new” buyers are creating a fresh perspective and a well needed boost to our market. We have seen many new shops opening up, renovations being done, new building projects being started and sold in a very short time, showing positive signs that the Algarve is recovering.

Anyone looking to buy property in Portugal should act sooner rather than later to take advantage of the improving state of the property market.

If you are still looking for a property in the Algarve, we should advise to start looking seriously at purchasing this year as the market is recovering faster than expected. There are still good deals to be found, but the discount deals are quickly disappearing.

If you have any queries on our properties , please contact one of our Property Advisors such as Teodora Aquino, Georgina, Sofia, James Hobson.

Contact us now  to discuss your current property criteria to find you a dream home under the sun.

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French invaders are welcomed by the taxman



More than 2,200 French national bought house in Portugal last year and 20,000 will live in the country by the end of 2015.

This is the estimate from the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce & Industry , French retirees are moving to Portugal attracted by the golden retirement package offered by the Portuguese tax man, “there are many migrants who live eight or nine months in Portugal and the rest of the time in France. They already can benefit from new laws and not pay taxes on retirement income or on capital gains or dividends.”

The status of non-habitual resident in Portugal, in force since January 2013, allows any retired EU citizen tax exemption for ten years, provided he or she has not been a tax resident in Portugal in the last five. The laws also cover professionals pursuing a high added value job, which may benefit from an income tax reduction to an attractive 20%, somewhat more attractive than France’s top rate of 75%.

In the first Real Estate and Portuguese Tourism fair, between 70% and 75% of visitors were French, mostly retired, but the tax benefits can also be taken full advantage of by Portuguese immigrants who want to return to the country.


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Vilamoura Property for Sale : Stunning 2 bed apartment in Victoria Boulevard

 Vilamoura Property For sale :

Vilamoura is well known for it’s luxury properties and many buyer’s aspire to own a property in this lovely area. One of the nicer parts of the “town” is the Victoria Boulevard. Situated around the Victoria golf course and around 3km’s out of the marina and town centre. The draw of this area is the vastly improved design and style of the properties here, especially when compared with the, somewhat dated, marina front properties closer to the centre. 

Victoria Boulevard

For somewhere that exudes that little be of class  then this is the property for you. Set on the ground floor corner, benefiting from one less adjoining apartment as well as extra natural light from the side window the apartment is a positioned nicely. It’s an easy few steps across to the wonderful communal pool area, complete with kids play area large sun bathing space and fully stocked bar (during the summer). 

The interior is lovely and all the furniture will remain with the new owners so there’s nothing needed to move in straight away! Priced far below the original sales price for these luxury apartments there’s a bargain to be had here for someone.

You can see the full property details on our website here 

Or if you’d like to see a large range of properties for sale in Vilamoura just CLICK HERE.


Algarve Beach front Property : 50% off Special discounted price!


Algarve Beach front Property : Amazing discounts for a limited time only!

Quarteira Beach front property for sale
Stunning Location


Ideally located apartments a stones throw from the magnificent Forte Novo beach front and the promenade of Quarteira. This month in a special incentive offered by the developer they have offered a HUGE discounted price for any buyer signing a promissory contract before the end of January with a view to completion before March.  Quite a unique opportunity really. They have five 2 bedroom apartments available, at €160,000! And one stunning 3 bedroom apartment for €270,000. The 3 bedroom is something a bit special for this area. 200ms + sea views, swimming pool & underground parking plus brand new, something that is basically impossible to get in Quarteira.

The resort itself is fully gated and boasts excellent views to the sea front. There is a large swimming pool and a smaller one for the children. Also a play area for kids too enjoy also. The main attraction with this property is of course the massive price reduction for the limited time but also the convenience of being so close to everything, namely the beach! that you don’t need to drive anywhere at all. A massive plus and one that is incredibly difficult to get in the Algarve due to the lack of beach frontage.

If you think this may be something of interest to you please have a look at the rest of the photos on our web site : CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

Perhaps this property isn’t your ideal style?  Please click here to see more properties for sale in Quarteira on our website