/Real Estate: Portugal on top for Americans, French and Italians

Real Estate: Portugal on top for Americans, French and Italians

Real Estate: Portugal on top for Americans, French and Italians

Portugal is the first choice for people looking to buy a second home or a retirement place in Europe, from three major home-buying markets: the United States, France and Italy. The conclusion comes from a study done by ListGlobally which is, according to PortugalResident, “the largest online property platform in the world for house seekers”. The report covers the data collected by the company’s platform in 2018.

Portugal was the primary choice for 34% of the French, 5,68% of the Americans and 6,04% of the Italians.

Portugal on top for the world, too

Still, according to the report from ListGlobally, Portugal is currently the number one market in the world for getting “international requests to buy or visit a property” (from the ListGobally blog itself). The country receives, alone, 20% of the world share. The report adds that Spain and France make up the list by getting 16% and 14% of the requests, respectively; these three countries are getting half of the international applications.

Where are the British?

ListGlobally does not include any main figures for the British market. The accuracy of the data collected by the platform could be viewed with some scepticism. However, and aside from the fact that eventually, this site is probably not so important in the British online real estate searching market. There are, traditionally, several important players like RightMove Overseas, Idealista, Kyero, Green-Acres, APlaceIntheSun and others who may grab the attention of the British home buyers more than ListGlobally.

Still, this report may also reflect two things: the continuing slowing effect of Brexit regarding British homebuying and overseas, and the fact that Portugal still gets another sign of confidence from the international property buyers.

ListGlobally has been repeatedly quoted, by media from several countries, as the most prominent international property portal in the world. They claim to have partnerships with more than 120 property portals from more than 60 countries, creating an integrated platform. The translation of listings and information requests is presented as one of its core advantages.