Brexit Não Afastou Britânicos De Adquirirem Propriedades No Algarve

Brexit e o Investimento no Algarve

De acordo com o estudo mais recente da Confidencial Imobiliário, os dados mais recentes do SIR – Turismo Residencial mostram que o Reino Unido continuou a apostar na compra de propriedades turísticas em Portugal.

Em 2016, esta foi aliás a nacionalidade mais representativa entre os investidores estrangeiros, com um peso de 31% no número de transações concretizadas por não residentes no país.

Sendo que quase metade das propriedades vendidas no Algarve em 2016, no chamado ‘triângulo dourado’ (Quinta do Lago, Vilamoura e Vale do Lobo), teve como compradores cidadãos do Reino Unido

De acordo com a Confidencial Imobiliário, “tal resultado confirma que o Brexit não afetou negativamente a procura de habitação turística em Portugal por parte dos investidores do Reino Unido, ao contrário do que seria inicialmente expetável como consequência económica e política decorrente do referendo que votou a favor da saída desta Estado da União Europeia”.

Propriedades no Algarve

Segundo a análise divulgada, “os britânicos não só protagonizaram quase metade das transações de origem internacional (46%), como atingiram o ticket médio de investimento mais alto, investindo cerca de 2,1 milhões de euros por operação. Este valor quase duplica os 1,1 milhões de euros investidos, em média, pelos chineses, que são o segundo país mais representativo nas aquisições internacionais neste eixo (quota de 13%)”. O SIR- Turismo Residencial é um sistema estatístico que abrange a atividade de compra e venda de propriedades de turismo residencial e que é desenvolvido pela Confidencial Imobiliário em parceria com a APR- Associação Portuguesa de Resorts, com o apoio do Turismo de Portugal.

Algarve property guides – Offshore Company

An overview of the offshore company buying process found in high value properties in the Algarve. Mostly in areas such as Quinta do Lago Vale do Lobo and the surrounding areas.

Algarve property guides – Offshore company purchase explained

When property within the Golden Triangle changes hands a fairly common practice is the necessary transfer of ownership not just of the property but importantly the holding Offshore company.  This is particularly common place within the Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo developments  where property values are generally in excess of €1,000,000.

What does it mean?

In simple terms, the property is owned by the off shore company and rather than the property itself changing owners, the company shares are transferred instead.  This of course eliminates the IMT and stamp duty levied on property transactions.  Buying costs are therefore limited to lawyers’ fees only.

IRG Property Portugal

Benefits of an Offshore company

A significant benefit of purchasing your Algarve property under the offshore company vehicle is without doubt the considerable saving in purchase tax.  In real terms this is a saving of c. 7% of the purchase price, a significant figure by any standard.

The tax payable on the sale of your property will also be different to that of private ownership. Presently non-residents pay a flat 28% on any profit following a property sale. This does not apply to properties owned offshore. The tax will be calculated in accordance with tax laws of your country of residence, and will be based on the sale of a company rather than a property.

Details of Offshore company ownership are not easily accessible, another main reason why it is employed on the higher priced properties. No property deed is exchanged so ownership is not made public.

So why doesn’t everyone buy an Offshore company?

There are costs associated with offshore ownership. Namely an annual fee levied by the managing agent for the company. This will generally be c.€2,000 per year to manage the annual filling of accounts and upkeep of the company.

2017 has seen a new tax introduced for the additional payment of IMI (property tax) on all offshore properties. This will be on top of the current IMI payments and will be another 0.4% of the fiscal value.

There will generally be an inbuilt capital gains liability with off shore properties. Although this is only applicable if the house is brought back on shore and sold out of the company, it is worth noting.

For more information on property purchasing here in the Algarve you can donwload our free Portugal Property Guide here.

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Casa Lily – Sao Bras de Alportel villa

Property Highlight featuring the lovely Casa Lily Sao Bras de Alportel. Stunning views, tastefully finished and a great price!

Casa Lily – Sao Bras de Alportel villa

Pool area
Casa Lily Sao Bras de Alportel

This beautifully finished 3 bedroom villa in Sao Bras de Alportel is a little gem.  The highlight of the property is the stunning views across the countryside. Every room in the house looks over garden and pool area. Something of a key feature for modern day buyers are views, so you’ll understand why we’ve highlighted this property.

Although you would technically describe Sao Bras de Alportel as fairly inland, this villa is situated in Soalheira. Just a short drive to both Loule center and Sao Bras. As such you are within 20 minutes of beach side resorts and the airport. All whilst having a countryside feel.

The property is set at the end of a private entry. Although not tarmac it is well established and will not wash away with heavy rains! The drive way has ample parking and entry to the property is on the same level. Making it easy for those with less mobility.

Entering the main hall way you have a small reception area and bathroom. This opens up to an elegant open plan living area. With living and dining area in the middle and a large fully fitted kitchen, which also has direct access to the pool area. There is also a bedroom on the ground floor and a fantastic conservatory. Which, due to the Southerly orientation, is the ideal spot for the winter months.

Upstairs are two good sized bedrooms, both en suite. Separated by a large hallway. These rooms have amazing views across the entire countryside. There are no nearby houses to the front the views are uninterrupted.

There is also a annex beside the pool which is used as a utility area and the plot expands further behind the pool and garden area, so there is potential to expand on the gardens if desired.

Property of this quality and price are fairly rare across the Central Algarve so viewing is highly recommended as it will surely sell soon.

For more information on this lovely property see below :

  • For a view of the outside of this villa please follow this link to our Youtube video – CLICK HERE
  • To see more photos of the interior vist our website – CLICK HERE

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Espaços a Não Perder no Algarve

Os espaços Purobeach são conhecidos mundialmente pelo seu ambiente chill-out e glamoroso, instalados em cenários incríveis, obedecendo a um critério de luxo que só algumas localizações podem oferecer, tais como… Palma, Marbella , Barcelona e Vilamoura.

Espaços a Não Perder no Algarve

Os espaços Purobeach são conhecidos mundialmente pelo seu ambiente chill-out e glamoroso, instalados em cenários incríveis, obedecendo a um critério de luxo que só algumas localizações podem oferecer, tais como… Palma, Marbella , Barcelona e Vilamoura.

Se ainda não conhece, não deixe de conhecer o espaço do Puro Beach Club Vilamoura e desfrute até ao final de Agosto de uma experiência única.

O Puro Beach Club oferece

lhe dois espaços de excelência, distintos, mas com a mesma qualidade e savoir faire que este prestigiado espaço já nos habituou .

Beach Club

Beachfront junto à fantástica praia de Vilamoura e o Poolside que nos oferece uma sofisticada piscina, camas balinesas , serviço de catering premium e a melhor seleção de música presente ao longo de toda a programação deste verão apresentada por vários DJs internacionais…as festas lendárias de champanhe junto à piscina existem e podem ser vividas por si, aqui no nosso Algarve.

Is Algarve Property good value?

A brief post about the value of Algarve property. Looking at various factors that could determine whether this is the case or not from experienced property brokers IRG Property.

Is Algarve Property good value?

A very subjective question, with many different answers depending on whom you ask.  Generally speaking I would have to say yes Algarve Property is indeed good value for money. There are a number of reasons why we firmly believe this to be the case.

Firstly; property values have retained their value well throughout the financial crisis. A good indicator that there is demand for Algarve property.

Secondly; also somewhat tied to the first point, the strong demand for property in the Algarve makes your investment here somewhat safe. Although there’s no guarantee you’d make money here, it’s unlikely (unless circumstance’s forced you to sell at a market low) that you’d lose any.  In fact we would certainly feel a profit would be made quite easily on any long-term owned property.

There are of course areas where prices are certainly way higher than other, less popular, regions of the Algarve.  It’s here that perhaps the answer to the question “Is Algarve property good value” becomes a little more blurred.


Let’s take Vilamoura for example. A typical 4 bed detached villa with pool and garden of 1,000m2 will more than likely run you around 1,000,000 euros or more.  The trend of late, is modern contemporary design and we’ve seen a number of these coming up around the golf courses, these will come in around 1.5m euros.

Now the debate most have is that the area drives the price and this is of course true. If you want a lovely state of the art villa in one of the most sought after areas in the Algarve you are not going to find a bargain, far from it. But you will get a unique location in a fantastic state of the art home, even if you could buy a similar home a few minutes way for half the price.  Therein lies the answer to the question and in the end it will come down to the individual.  I suppose more conclusively, presently there’s a shortage of properties in Vilamoura (and other high demand locations) so the value is clearly there for most otherwise wed be like Spain and have properties sitting dormant and unfinished for years!

View our latest Vilamoura properties here.


Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Property Highlight Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale – Read about a stunning villa on the hillside in Almancil, Algarve for sale. By real estate broke IRG Property.

Property highlight – Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale

Luxury Villa in Almancil Vale Formoso for sale. With all the fuss over contemporary design villas with their straight lines and clean open finishes. This tastefully finished villa offers a different take on elegance and charm.  Something that oozes throughout its delightfully free-flowing floor plan. Not to mention the rolling multi leveled gardens. All the whilst bathed in sun light with a Southerly orientation.  With a glimpse of a sea view it’s just about as idyllic a setting one could ask for.

The electric gates lead you up the imposing drive way. Which in turn forks right towards the double garages or straight ahead to the entrance.  The front door is something of a feature in itself at 3ms tall.  A tiled mosaic feature on the stair case leading up to the door fills you with a sense grandeur before even setting foot inside.

The property

The double doors lead onto the grand entrance hall.  From here you have a staircase leading down to the guest wing. Along with the basement, wine cellar and garage.  Whilst upwards you have the master suite with its exuberant bathroom. Featuring a grand shower, Jacuzzi bath and finished in luxurious stone and tile.  The master suite opens onto a huge terrace which looks across the countryside and the grounds. As well as the pool area. Bathed in sunlight it’s an excellent position to start the day or indeed end it.

Remain on the ground floor and you have a modern fitted kitchen with natural light in abundance. Direct access to the living area and also the hallway. With  the deck and pool area across the hall.  Into the living area, which is HUGE.  Inset lighting throughout is supported by three patio doors that lead directly onto the pool area. Whilst offering views to the gardens and beyond.  In the far corner of this regal themed room you also have a fireplace, ideal for those chilly winter nights.

Outside this property continues to impress. A large 10m x 5m heated swimming pool being the focal point. Surrounded by deck and a raised covered patio area.  There is a BBQ area and ample lush gardens on a split level with beautiful flower beds running around the entirety property.

This property is an ideal family home with everything one would expect in a property of this caliber.

View our video here or click-through to the website for more information – ID 3268 Vale Formoso.


Selling your property in the Algarve?

How to sell your property in the Algarve

If you’re interested in selling your property in the Algarve, then you are highly recommend to use the services of a professional,  licensed estate agent. Such as ourselves. There’s simply no reason to employ a non licensed, “freelance” or in other words, illegal agent. Considering the importance of the matter.


Our unrivaled experience in not just Algarve property sales, but international sales. Offers an insight to the sales and marketing process that few agents can offer. Along with our extensive marketing, both online as well as via our broad network of partnerships throughout Portugal and the Algarve. Your property will be in a position to achieve maximum exposure with minimal effort.

Our commitment to you is to uphold the highest standards of professionalism whilst helping you make the best real estate decisions.

Comprehensive marketing & sales strategy for selling your property

  1. An in depth and thorough analysis of your property. Using comparable properties in the immediate vicinity. Including properties recently sold as well as those on the market to establish the value of your home.
  2. Recommendation on the price point for your property, based on the above market assessment.
  3. Widespread publication of your property throughout Europe. Featuring on leading property portals. As well as our own compilation of websites.
  4. Networked throughout our expansive partnership’s both locally and internationally. Offering the best exposure possible for your property.
  5. Print advertising in various local and UK based publications, at our discretion

What sets us apart from the competition?

Through many thousands of sales, we have fine tuned a system that makes the selling process easy, straight forward and painless for you. We walk each seller through the entire sales process step by step. Up to and including the final deeds and beyond.

If you’d like to know why IRG Property is one of the leading and most respected agencies in the Algarve give us a call. Our experience is there to be shared.

Why IRG Property CAN sell your home?

  • €1,000’s spent every month in marketing
  • Strategically placed office in the middle of Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo
  • Maximum exposure on UK premier sites like Rightmove & A Place in the Sun
  • Huge database with thousands of buyer’s, updated weekly
  • Network of local estate agents in every major location advertising our properties
  • Proven track record of excellence with thousands of successful sales

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Please download our complimentary guide (PDF Format) on selling your house, including all the legal documents that we need to start advertising and marketing your property as well as some useful tips.

Italian magazine places bridge in Vilamoura as one of the World’s “top 10”

1The pedestrian and cycling bridge VLM, with its main material being wood,  located in the longest Avenue in Vilamoura, was distinguished as one of the ten best in the world by the Italian magazine “Domus”: considered as a reference in the fields of architecture and design.

The bridge, launched in 2009 and extending over 160 meters in the Vilamoura XXI Avenue, has also an artistic component; two dynamic images were created  on one of the sides of the wooden 25 metres tall wall, that is only visible as a whole “in motion”.

“What began as a very simple project, became eventually a work of art,”  quotes the architect Francisco Salgado Re, one of the authors of the project, stressing that the sequence of images, consisting of 180 hand painted boards, works like “movie frames”

The two dynamic images created by the artist Domingos Loureiro are different; depending on the direction from where they are observed and visible from a 45-degree perspective – he added – explaining that they are not visible if viewed from the front,  only with the movement of cars.

With this project, designed by the studio And-Ré, based in Porto, the team also wanted to, in terms of visual and audible noise, direct the pedestrians’ attention to the lake and adjacent golf course and not the parallel road.

“We tried to create a point of interest from an extensive and somewhat monotonous route, giving a way to enjoy the scenery and sun setting and transforming it into a stopping and “viewing” spot, he noted.

Not only the bridge but also the “design” of some street furniture and the shared used bicycles within Vilamoura were And-Dre studio’s work.

Good property deal?

Is it only the sales price that constitutes a good property deal?IRG Property Portugal

A great question one should really think long and hard about before answering.  Of course for most buyers the simple response will be “yes, I want a big discount on the (asking)price”.  Are they wrong to think like this?

In some cases, yes, yes they are.  If the sales price is lower than average, lower than comparable properties in the same area then the price is good already, and that could be interpreted as a good deal based on the price.  The amount of negotiation on the advertised sales price is NOT a good indicator of how good a deal a buyer may be getting, let’s face it many properties are way, way over priced to offer discounts, that’s not a good deal (even though some buyers may believe it is).

Let’s look at an example ;

  • Property 1 : Sales Price €150,000 no negotiation is possible as the sellers must sell for this price.
  • Property 2 : Sales price €200,000 negotiable to €160,000, 20% “discount”

Assuming both properties are equal in every possible way, which one is the better deal?  Undoubtedly property 1 is the better deal, if there was even any hesitation in your thought process here please slap yourself.

Although a potential buyer may feel like property 2 is better value for money, due to the great discount they managed to negotiate this is a fake discount and they are in fact paying over the odds even with a 20% discount.

What’s clear with these situations is you need to trust your estate agent otherwise you’re likely to lose opportunities due to being unaware of all the facts in a transaction, like the example above.  Some agencies price the properties higher deliberately to allow for negotiation, and frankly this is sensible based on our hypothetical buyer’s mindset, but in those instances when the price is the price you must heed your agents advise and go along with what they say, if you don’t trust that advise find another agent simple.

Bottom line, yes the price is what constitutes a good property deal NOT the discount off the asking price don’t be confused.

David Cameron’s visit earns International compliments in the Algarve

2British Prime Minister David Cameron chose Portugal again for his family holidays.

After having been photographed in 2013 in Lagos and in 2014 in Cascais, on both occasions to buy fresh fish, this time the camera captured him having a drink with his wife, Samantha, around ​​Alvor area.

The couple and their three children, aged between five and 11 years old, are staying in a rented house in Monchique since they arrived at Faro airport on a low cost airline. And further, according to the Algarve newspaper “Sul Informação”, their accommodation is the same as two years ago.

The Cameron family vacations are attracting a lot of international media attention to the Algarve. British journalists even pointed and revealed the brands and prices of the outfits the couple were wearing at the time of the photos in Alvor.

Spanish highlight the beaches as “magic atmosphere”

Some Spanish publications have also taken the opportunity to point some of the Algarve’s tourist attractions. For example, the ABC newspaper describes the Algarve region as an area of “quality tourism with excellent services at affordable prices to the British pockets.”

In Alvor is highlighted the spectacular beach of “Três Irmãos”, for its fine sand and rocky surroundings, giving it a magical atmosphere,” emphasizes the ABC newspaper.

The stay of David Cameron in Portugal will not last much longer, as he is expected in London on the 15th of August, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan in World War II.